Lincoln Park, Revisited

It's my favorite place in my favorite city....more

The Abdication of Responsibility

I admit that I never heard the hoopla. ...more

My Girls

They are asleep on the couch. ...more

Random Thoughts - The Grandmother Edition

I hold her for hours. ...more

Rest In Peace

Robin Williams.... Lauren Bacall ... Little Cuter is wondering who will be next ....more

A Soft Opening

The Realtor and I went clubbing on Saturday night. She'd found the manger and his wife the perfect condo in The West Loop, and they invited her and a guest as a thank you. ...more

Over and Over and Over Again

We started at 7 am. ...more

Avoiding the Process

Sarah Garrecht Gassen called them out on Thursday. ...more

An Arranged Marriage

Seret and The Bride brought LJ over for a visit today. ...more

Shopping on the Cheap

Bubba and Zayda lived at Linden Blvd and E. 93rd Street in Brooklyn. ...more