Happy Holidaze

"Are you okay, Mom?...more

The End of an Era

It was only 161 votes which separated Ron Barber, Democrat and fellow January 8th shootee, from his opponent in November's election, Martha McSally....more

Santa Came to Prince Elementary School

GRIN was there, too. We were making frames for the pictures with...more

Random Thoughts - A December Edition

There was a deluge on Saturday. The downspouts empty into my containers, splashing soil onto the columns and bruising the blossoms. The companion pot on the other column was...more

Thoughts While Baking Brownies

It's a meditative experience, after the first week or so....more

It's All Much Simpler This Year

Amidst the holidaze, planning proceeds for the 4th anniversary of my perforation....more

Making a List

Not that kind of list, denizens....more

Briefly, While My Eyes Are Still Open

If one more person tells me that my energy is amazing, I will scream....more

A Snippet

Big Cuter on Cozy Rosie, his sister's couch, was in his element, opining on everything to people who loved him."Any time a woman cuts her hair, you should tread lightly.... something has happened.... big time."Little Cuter and I mulled over our pasts, but he was on to something else and that was the end of it.Or so I thought.I heard from a friend yesterday....more

And On It Goes

I did this today. ...more