This Time of Year

I love October. ...more

Snippets - CUBBIES WIN!!!

CUBBIES WIN!! CUBBIES WIN!!According to ESPN, everyone everywhere except Pittsburgh wanted the Cubs to win the wild card game and advance to the Division Championship 7 game series. That's all you need, if you want to look like you understand what's going on ....more


Sometimes, I forget to eat it. ...more

World Languages

I represented my alma mater, Cornell University, at the Tucson Unified School District's College Night. ...more

VW and Me

It's all TBG's fault, actually. ...more

Mud Run, Tucson Style

Amster and the kids invited me to tag along. ...more


I sat in the parking lot at Prince Elementary School as I heard the news. I found myself screaming NO at the top of my lungs. ...more

Archeology Southwest

I went to tea on Sunday. ...more


All those shapes. All those colors. All those smiles ....more


There, I said it. ...more