Watching Her Grow

Why work, when you can play in the sandbox?That's my girl, the one who has had a smile on her face from the moment that first real food - a Chicago, deep dish pizza crust - crossed her lips. ...more

With Love

Today has gotten away from me, so I'm going to reprise, with some editing, an old post....more

A Snippet - Tom Brady, Re-Redux

I mailed Mr. 11 a hard copy of last week's post on his hero, Tom Brady. ...more

The Embrace

That's the name of the memorial designed by...more

Scary Stuff

That's what Everytown for Gun Safety...more

Tom Brady, Revisited

The New England Patriots have responded to Deflategate like true Bostonians, according to ...more

Why I Can't Write Today

I went outside, after being inside all day. I saw this...more

A Different Kind of Pleasure

Different books bring me different pleasures.That innocuous sentence took a look of thinking before it ended up in pixels on your screen. ...more

Why That Tom Brady Fathead Has to Go Dear Mr. 11, I'm sorry, but your Tom Brady Fathead has got to go. I know ....more

Mothers (Mother's) (Mothers') Day Reflections

I was up and in the garden before breakfast. The plants had been delivered earlier in the week; I spent time arranging and rearranging them until everything was just right. Wearing my favorite new tank top, I spent the early hours of the day covering myself with soil and sweat ....more