#ContainTucson -- It's Here!

Tucson has hit the big time....more

Voting for President

Waiting for carry-out, watching the news on the television above the cash register, hearing nothing, reading the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen, discovering that there is "a clear and present danger to Christianity"...more

A Snippet, a Link, a Harangue

I haven't given anyone an assignment lately. ...more

On Memorial Day

The meme on Facebook this weekend is a rant about a phrase. ...more

Memorial Day

Once again, my traditional Memorial Day post, first published in 2009, and updated just a little each year. I used to march in the Memorial Day parade. I was dressed in my Brownie uniform, and then in my Girl Scout uniform - replete with those hated anklets. I wore them because the troop leader said we couldn't march without them and marching was too cool to pass up ....more

Watching Her Grow

Why work, when you can play in the sandbox?That's my girl, the one who has had a smile on her face from the moment that first real food - a Chicago, deep dish pizza crust - crossed her lips. ...more

With Love

Today has gotten away from me, so I'm going to reprise, with some editing, an old post....more

A Snippet - Tom Brady, Re-Redux

I mailed Mr. 11 a hard copy of last week's post on his hero, Tom Brady. ...more

The Embrace

That's the name of the memorial designed by...more

Scary Stuff

That's what Everytown for Gun Safety...more