Happy 4th of July

The sky is pure blue,...more

Updating the Manse

We've had 11 different homes since we've been married. ...more

A Snippet - The Golden Gopher Memorial Bedroom

Watching Property Brothers...more

Stanley Johnson's Mother

She was next to him as he was drafted; she "still has the lean face of an athlete," said TBG.Who is she? She's Karen Taylor, a Jackson State Hall of Fame basketball player who played professionally in Europe. ...more

#RisingForCharleston - Coming Together With Love

We stood, at the end, together. We stood, making loving hearts with our fingers. We stood in solidarity ....more


I belong to a private internet support group. ...more

Here's My Internet!

I tried to get through to a human. ...more

Where's My Internet?

That's the question I've been trying ask for the last thirty minutes.... now seventy minutes... and there's a great post coming out of this but I cannot type it on my phone, the only device in the house with internet access ....more

A Snippet - Commiserating With a Friend

Poor choices have been made and tears have been shed but life goes on. I was in the second round of consoling friends, the result of not checking my phone all day. ...more

My Brother's BIrthday

Pause a moment and wish my younger brother a Happy Birthday, would you? ...more