Friendships in Tucson

The Realtor connected us and it was lovely....more


That's what I saw when I walked into the service department at the VW dealership this afternoon....more


The notion has been roaming through my thoughts for the past few weeks - what does it mean to win?...more

Creating a Human

She was a blob of protoplasm, carried from room to room, doted on and stared at....more

Little Boys Never Change

I took the boys to the card and comic store last week. Mr. 11 got off the bus as I was two cars behind its yellow rear ....more

Color Dash - 5K Redux

It's getting to be a regular thing for us. Brenda Starr and I decided on Monday to so the Color Dash on Saturday. Somehow, a 5K doesn't seem that daunting any more ....more

Dealing With the World

It's been one of those weeks....more

More Stroll and Roll

The pictures warm the cockles of my heart. These were taken by Margo who brought Miss Sugar and Sara, who brought Earl, ...more


Connections are tricky....more

A Snippet

I spent last week trying to take care of myself....more