VW and Me

It's all TBG's fault, actually. ...more

Mud Run, Tucson Style

Amster and the kids invited me to tag along. ...more


I sat in the parking lot at Prince Elementary School as I heard the news. I found myself screaming NO at the top of my lungs. ...more

Archeology Southwest

I went to tea on Sunday. ...more


All those shapes. All those colors. All those smiles ....more


There, I said it. ...more

Scholars at Work

It was a tough morning in kindergarten. After all the effort it took to cut out that ear, the glue stick wouldn't let go. Every station had a challenge... ....more

A Smile

He loves Sgt. Pepperoni's pizza. ...more

Feeling the Love

Are you feeling it too, denizens? ...more

A Snippet

I told her she could ask, so I couldn't be angry with her.Of course, feel free to ask me a personal question.I just didn't expect her to ask the one question I ask myself to which I have no answer."Did you fall on top of her body?"I wish I knew. ...more