Outrage 2.0

Certain issues require top notch outrage. ...more

What Happened to Spring?

There are five seasons in Tucson, if you include Monsoon. ...more


She is doing what makes her happy. ...more


Concerned Adult: Your job as a tween is to put distance between yourself and your parents. ...more

Watch The Super Bowl With Me

The television's been on all day, the backdrop to TBG's day, a day he's spent hitting the pause button and calling me over to watch yet another beautiful San Francsico scene. Sometimes, I could point and say We lived there...more

Mini-Book Reviews

I updated the sidebar a few weeks ago. Some of the books deserve a special mention. ...more

A Funny

TBG and I had the 7-Hour-Stomach-Flu today, I in the morning, he in the afternoon. ...more

A Woman and A Jew Run For President

When I was little, my Grandpa told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. ...more

Old and Alone

There was a heartwarming story in the Arizona Daily Star while I was away. ...more

What Four Days With A Toddler Taught Me

5:35 am is an appropriate time to begin crooning. ...more