More Baby PIctures

Because I am having so much fun, because I am overwhelmed with the wonderfulness that is my littlest relative, I am incapable of typing anything resembling profundity. I could write about the books I've read lately, but Goodnight Moon ...more

Where Has The Time Gone?

One year ago today, I was here in Illinois....more

On The Road Again

Off to see the grandbaby, because she's turning one and she'd notice that we weren't there... right?No, TBG, it's not a surprise party.... although we did have fun with that thought after you verbalized it ....more

How I Appear to My Daughter

In yesterday's post, I described myself as a person who is often more tentative than I'd like to be....more

Feeling Inspired

A fellow BlogHer '15 attendee...more

My Mother's Best Friend

There are some stories only a best friend can share. ...more

Donald Trump, John McCain, and What I Learned This Weekend

There will be much to say about BlogHer '15 and New York City and seeing old friends and friends of friends, but I can't get past what I saw and what I felt in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport this morning. The seats at Gate 12 were grouped comfortably around a big screen tv ....more

Never Underestimate the Value of A Chance Encounter

I learned a valuable lesson this afternoon. It came at me unexpectedly, and rather loudly. It made me smile and brought more than one tear to my eye ....more

Libraries and Love

First printed in 2009. ...more

Missing G'ma

This is reprinted from 2014. ...more