#RisingForCharleston - Coming Together With Love

We stood, at the end, together. We stood, making loving hearts with our fingers. We stood in solidarity ....more


I belong to a private internet support group. ...more

Here's My Internet!

I tried to get through to a human. ...more

Where's My Internet?

That's the question I've been trying ask for the last thirty minutes.... now seventy minutes... and there's a great post coming out of this but I cannot type it on my phone, the only device in the house with internet access ....more

A Snippet - Commiserating With a Friend

Poor choices have been made and tears have been shed but life goes on. I was in the second round of consoling friends, the result of not checking my phone all day. ...more

My Brother's BIrthday

Pause a moment and wish my younger brother a Happy Birthday, would you? ...more

I Erased The Message

I purchased new cordless phones for our land line today. Pause for applause from The Cuters....more

Two Kids in Double Digits

Amster has two sons, one 10 and one 12 by the end of this month.Two kids in double digits. ...more

Planning a Trip

I'm going on my own, which removes much of the stress. ...more

A Visit From Daddooooo

I'm reading the Bible as literature...more