This Is Harder

My sister sent me a text, reminding me of a late winter afternoon, a decade ago....more


A very nice man came to interview me today....more

Msaybe It's Just Me

I only saw it from the other side. When I wrote about seeing a holstered handgun at breakfast, all my questions were directed at him....more

Meditation 106 - In Real Life

Miss Vicki came with me last Monday....more

New Friends

They met when my friend joined the Board of a social service agency devoted to the needs of homeless women and children....more

"But how is

"But how is your soul, sweetie?"It's wonderful to have someone to ask a question like that....more


I looked good when I woke up in the morning....more

Random Thoughts - The Fall Edition

Ever since I left Chicago for California, I've had an ache in my heart....more



Levels of Preparedness

Home alone in the early morning....more