I remember conversations beginning in 5th or 6th grade, though it might have been in Junior High school. We were just starting to realize that we were sentient beings, with opinions that mattered to others as well as to ourselves. ...more

Our New TV Has Issues

Our television died. ...more

Earth Day, Redux

First published on April 21, 2009Reprinted annually.... because I like this holiday... a lot!Come back tomorrow for a new post ....more

New Beginnings

A lot of the people in my life are starting anew these days. ...more

A Snippet - Words Matter

In the gym this morning, earbuds out so I could talk to a friend, I heard this: "ATTENTION: There is a male staff in the women's locker room" Take a minute.... think synonymously.... okay, move on.Was my mind in the gutter, as I imagined G'ma would say?Would it be worth going back there just to see if it were true?Was I being too picky and looking for any excuse to stop exercising?I rejected them all ... ....more

Geococcyx californianus

We had a visitor yesterday. It began by tapping on the glass panel of the back door last night. TBG heard it on his midnight saunter to the 'fridge ....more

C'mon, AARP

TBG and I laughed when the AARP spam began arriving in our mailboxes. ...more

The Exploratorium

I love that. I love the simplicity and the complexity. I love the questions ....more

San Francisco Sunshine

After the long weekend we spent in San Francisco, Tucson feels very small. ***** Doesn't this look like a bank? Our banks are in the corners of parking lots,...more

Hillary for President?

It's official. ...more