Geococcyx californianus

We had a visitor yesterday. It began by tapping on the glass panel of the back door last night. TBG heard it on his midnight saunter to the 'fridge ....more

C'mon, AARP

TBG and I laughed when the AARP spam began arriving in our mailboxes. ...more

The Exploratorium

I love that. I love the simplicity and the complexity. I love the questions ....more

San Francisco Sunshine

After the long weekend we spent in San Francisco, Tucson feels very small. ***** Doesn't this look like a bank? Our banks are in the corners of parking lots,...more

Hillary for President?

It's official. ...more

San Francisco

TBG and I flew to the Left Coast this morning. Our plans include his visit to the orthopedist who repaired his knee two decades ago, a visit during which I spent a lovely couple of hours talking with Bunionella. ...more

The Mirror Lab

Very Large Did you ever wonder how and where the extremely large mirrors used in telescopes, like these in the Very Large Array in New Mexico, are made? ...more

Are You Who We Think You Are?

Can you recognize celebrities if you pass them on the street? TBG and I were finishing lunch at Sauce in Casas Adobes Plaza this afternoon, when he wondered if I could come up with the name of that awful blonde woman on television. ...more

Following the Rules

Are you watching The Last Man on Earth? It airs on Fox on Sunday nights and it's absolutely delightful. ...more

Random Thoughts on March Madness 2015

I apologize denizens. I have been remiss. ...more