Where are the fat eating disorder therapists?

A few weeks ago, a wanted-to-be scientist name Rachel Fox, bravely shared the fat-shaming she’s endured during her years as an undergraduate science major at a prestigious university. The overt and covert discrimination by the scientific community has led her to make the decision to say goodbye to the field altogether. Her story should make us angry ....more

An apple a day won’t keep your waistline at bay, but…

A recent study in A Cancer Journal for Clinicians...more

Could Naming Your Eating Disorder Help or Hurt?

On the heels of a wonderful #aedchat, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the concept of externalizing eating disorders. (If you missed the tweetchat, you can read the entire transcript here.) To grossly over-simplify, externalizing an eating disorder refers to the technique of considering the eating disorder as a separate entity from one’s self. Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed, is often credited as being the first to really popularize this idea ....more

What It Means When McDonald’s Sponsors Dietetic Conferences

{image credit :: thomas hawk} I promise I don’t go to conferences for the food – at least not solely – but when I’m forking over a large sum and spending all day in educational seminars in alternately chilly and stuffy conference rooms, I could use a good meal around noon-time. So I would be a bit miffed to get a plastic-packaged meal from an everyday fast food joint. If I was attending the annual conference of my state’s dietetic association, I’d be downright irritated ....more

Would you wish your life on someone else?

A few months ago, my mindless scrolling through social media brought me upon an article urging me to ask myself if I would wish my life on my children. The post addressed why so many parents tie so much of their own happiness and self-worth to their children’s success. It was an interesting read, but what stuck with me was not the content but the question itself ....more

The Chocolate Milk Monster

{image credit :: maria pontikis via flikr creative commons} I get it. I really do. Get the sugar-laden milk out of the schools so that we can get our kids to drink more water and kale juice and we can curb the tide of the childhood obesity epidemic and we can all pat ourselves on the back while eating our bowls of ice cream on the couch at home ....more

If You Really Knew Me: Hope is a Tiny Seed

Below is one in the series of reader submissions called “If You Really Knew Me.” This piece is shared by Britta, a clearly introspective and gifted writer. I hope her story touches you as it did me. If you are interested in participating in the series,...more

A Programming Note

I thought having an infant was the best excuse ever for why I couldn’t manage to get anything done, but the last several months have proven me dead wrong on that front. In fact, having a toddler makes it much more impossible to accomplish anything...more

Could a patch make you feel more beautiful? Does it matter?

“I’ve been spending so much time thinking that if I could just get myself to like the outside, to feel satisfied with the external, then I would feel peace on the inside. But I realize that hasn’t work,” she said, shaking her head slightly and as her eyes shifted down. “Maybe it’s really about finding peace on the inside first, and the outside will follow ....more

If You Really Knew Me: On the Road to Recovery

Below is one in the series of reader submissions called “If You Really Knew Me.” This brave post comes from a woman named Linda who reached out to me and totally inspired me with her will to recover after decades of an eating disorder. I’m cheering you on, Linda! If you are interested in participating in the series,...more