It's like I got engaged...

Well the curse of the Bachelorette/Bachelor strikes again.I'm straight obsessed with the turn out of last week's show.It's a vicious cycle.But to say that I don't watch their Snapchat stories more than once a day would be a gross lie.They just look so happyyyyyyy....more


Having some website issues! Working on it! ...more

Dublin? More like Dubmen....That's a stretch

If this season isn't a recipe for intense arm pit sweat I don't know what is... We open this week with Ian berating Kaitlyn....more

San Antonio? More like Man Antonio...

Yo... this season is stressful....more

A Whole New Girl....for Nick V.

Last week I was traveling around the great state of Virginia, so I wasn't able to catch up on all things "Bachelorette" until Tuesday of this week.I know...I'm so brave.Trust that I don't think you were drooling over your keyboards for my recap but I'm back in action for the rest of the season!Last week was entirely extra.Holy cannoli Tony...His constant rage-outs made me believe that he wasn't really as centered as he would like us to believe.Plus his constant references about missing his bonsai trees really proved he needed to go home.Both Ben's were both all-stars but Clint while JJ were star crossed loves. via This season is all about the cliff hanger because we were met this week with Kaitlyn confronting Clint about his shady behavior.Clint told Kaitlyn that even though he was, "best best best best best" friends and "very very very very close" he was there for her. viaIt was clearly a lie and she told him to bounce and say good-bye to his friends ....more

Amy Schumer for President

This week started with Kaitlyn looking out the window. Do you ever wonder why that's their go to shot? We know it's not organic....but apparently that how we know our Bachelorette is pondering.Chris Harrison comes to check in and see how she is feeling about her new role.He coyly asks her if it bothered her that some people who voted for Britt were still there, while sipping on his mason jarred lemon water a la KermitKaitlyn said it was surely something she thought about, but felt good about the guys that were there.She's all about the connection...and by connection she means her lips connected with another dudes.Good for her ....more

Bachelorette Premiere w/a Splash of Wrestling Gifs

Y'all this recap took some...more

An Oh Jones first!

Everyone has their firsts......more

Target on your back...

There's been a couple times in my life we're I've played into the hype of an event or must have items. If I didn't get a tamagotchi ASAP, I threatened to poop on the floor of my parents home, like my neglected tamagotchi was currently doing in a Toys R Us....more