Bachelorette Premiere w/a Splash of Wrestling Gifs

Y'all this recap took some...more

An Oh Jones first!

Everyone has their firsts......more

Target on your back...

There's been a couple times in my life we're I've played into the hype of an event or must have items. If I didn't get a tamagotchi ASAP, I threatened to poop on the floor of my parents home, like my neglected tamagotchi was currently doing in a Toys R Us....more

I have a question for you...

Can I send you some mail? Not like creepy ransom letters or anything. I save those for a special few ...more

March Madness

As a lot of you may already know, I work in a university setting....more

Chris's Web

Well, the finale, or as I called it, the "Waiting for Whitney to Win" episode, came and went....more

Fantasy Suite: Sponsored by Ludacris

Well, we're down to the home stretch and much like every season that I get invested, I get a little bit nervous around this time. Why? Because Mondays become boring again and I just like doing hoodrat things with my friends on Twitter....more

ControverCial Hometown Recap....

Ok. I was the worst last week and didn't have a recap for the 16 Bachelopalooza....more

Quick Recap.

Hometown recaps are way late but I promise that this week we will be back in business.In the meantime I'll just leave this here: ...more

A recap blessed with eloquence...

Normally at this point in the season I'm either: -So bored - Annoyed that no one cares about the actual guy -Creating an unhealthy attachment -Hate everyone Can you guess where I'm at so far? If you guessed creating an unhealthy attachment you'd be correct....more