Do you ever feel like you are doing and going and doing and going and doing and going and on and on and on…. I found myself at that place a few months ago. I had actually been living in that place for years but I just FOUNDmyself in that place a few months ago. We get so busy doing and going that we can lose track of ourselves and we become a robot to our schedule. Here was the challenging part for me… the stuff that I was doing and the places that I was going were all ministry related.. so that makes them a good thing than right???? My thinking was very, very wrong in this....more

Practice and Application..

After a couple of very long days of losing sleep and not really being able to eat because I was trying to figure everything out about my life and making myself miserable … …God reminded me of this….Matthew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need”...more

Don’t Settle..This one is for the girls:)

After having a conversation with my cousin last night I realized just how common it is for us girls to settle. We want so much to be loved that we hold on so tightly to a relationship that just plain out does not work! But yet we try….and try….. and try….. and try…… and break up, and “hang out as friends” and then talk about how we can both change and then “try ONE LAST time”… and then its perfectly, wonderfully, delightful… for a month at most and then same ol’ same ol’ routine again…. we break up and start the cycle all over…....more


I hope you don’t mind my transparency in this post but I am hoping that through it maybe it will help one of you too.. The past couple weeks I have found myself very down. Trying to keep it together on the outside but ready to burst into tears on the inside at any given moment. You see I moved here to Nashville 4 years ago. When I moved here I didn’t see myself working a Monday – Friday 8-4 job. I wanted to do music…. Isn’t that why everyone comes to Nashville? Not only that I thought that by now, by 29 I would be married, have a house, maybe talking about a family.....more


Over the years I have noticed some patterns in my life. Some I like, Some I don’t. For instance….Patterns I like…...more