Theo at Two Months.

He: - Continues to sleep well (for my standards) – waking up once or twice a night to eat and taking several good naps through out the day. I’ve been alternating the naps in the Ergo and the swing. Sleep crutches ahoy! ...more

I Totally Forgot my New Year’s Resolutions. Until Now.

I was cleaning out my desk last week (I’m doing the thing where I get rid of 10 items every day again) when I came across the year-end review and resolutions worksheets I had completed with Mike. It was a nice...more

The Birth Story of Theodore James (Part 2).

[Part one] At 11 am (3.5 hours after arriving!), they finally started the Pitocin low and slow like I requested. The hospital has a policy about increasing it a low rate, but the nurses took my desire to have a gentle induction seriously – there would be an hour with no increases. They treated me like I was in labor, but Mike and I kept looking at each other when everyone was out of the room and saying, “This isn’t labor.” I walked the halls with my IV pole and wireless monitors, trying to help labor along ....more

Theo at One Month.

He: - Eats well (97th percentile for height, 68th for weight). - Sleeps well. (Enough ....more

June/July Update & August Intentions.

reading Theo his book about being a big brother...more

The Birth Story of Theodore James (Part 1).

I really, really, really did not want to be induced. Why did I fear induction so much? The first time around, because I knew pitocin contractions could be more intense than natural contractions (and I had hoped to give birth...more

Newborn Days: The Second Time Around.

I’m ignoring the thank yous that I need to write, the dishes in the sink, and a million other things that I probably should be doing. But I wanted to take a minute to share what a roller coaster I’m on again. The second time roller coaster is different than the first time, but ...more


Gabe has a little brother named Theo, who joined us at 12:28 am yesterday, June 29th. Nine days late and with a labor that was almost the complete opposite of his big brother, we are thrilled to finally meet this little guy! Well, not that little at 8 pounds and 21 inches ....more

Hi. I’m Due Today.

How far along?...more

Five Things on Monday.

My one customary...more