Political Podcasts I Listen To.

This post will only appeal to a very small, very nerdy subset of people who...more

September Update & October Intentions

These leaves should be changing soon! [September...more

How to Support a Friend Who’s Lost a Baby.

Almost five months ago now, I lost a baby at 21 weeks of pregnancy. In the time since, I’ve gone to therapy and support groups and talked with countless other women who’ve lost babies. One thing is in common – support is so key to getting through this ....more

September Intentions

Our new city. Yay. I…feel like making goals again ....more

It’s Been A While.


Six Weeks Out.

Six weeks ago I was at the hospital. I was dreading going to the labor and delivery floor to give birth to my dead baby. I was so scared of walking in and seeing some hugely pregnant woman getting admitted and getting ready to meet her baby while I was there with my undersized bump and fighting back tears ....more

17 Days Out.

I looked outside and suddenly there are flowers and the trees are lush with...more


I’m sad to share that last Wednesday, we found the baby no longer...more


I don’t know how to write this. The baby isn’t okay. It probably won’t be joining us ....more

Five Things // Baby, Work, Housing, and Nice People.

Cheesy toddler smiles, a new (temporary?) edgy haircut, and brothers! 1. Baby stuff I’m 19 weeks pregnant (I think? Maybe it’s tomorrow, to be honest I don’t remember my due date exactly.) and feeling mostly better ....more