How Routines Have Made My Life Better.

I’ve mentioned...more

Life this Week.

Hi, hello, how’s it going? Last week, my parents came to visit for 4 days – it was great! It was dark the entire time they were here, which was a bit of a downer, but it was so nice to get to see them and, of course, have babysitters so we could go out alone! ...more

Big Kid.

I can’t pick up my baby anymore. He’s too big or I’m too small. Either way, I can’t remember the very last time I was able to pick Gabe...more

Choosing between Convenience and Values.

A reader asks: How do you decide when to focus your energy on better choices versus choosing convenience? I think it can be so hard to opt for what’s right over what’s ready (example: the pants I know fit from Banana, versus seeking an ethical and sustainable new brand when I need new pants now…) This is a really good question and I’m not sure I have figured out the best approach. I...more

Cloth diapering, the second time around.

I cloth diapered Gabe from about 10 days old, and did the same this time around. Here’s what I wrote about cloth diapering last time: two months in...more

October Update & November Intentions.


The Website Redesign Process – How I Do It From Start to Finish.

I talk about how I’m a web designer here, but thought I’d share the start to finish of one of my recent...more

Life this Week.

This week: We went to a gymnastics place for open gym play with a new friend. We’ve seen her and her daughter every week so far, which has been good for me as a mother and for my kids to have a playmate. I went out to dinner with one of Mike’s coworkers who I like a whole lot ....more

Working from Home Tips & Time Management Strategies.

Or, What I’ve Learned in 2 Years of Being a Work-at-Home Mom. I’ve worked from home in some capacity for five years and quit my day job two years ago this month. I’m working less and earning more than I did in that day job, plus I don’t have to leave the house when it’s 19 degrees out!...more

Three Things // On TV Shows, Budgets, and Miscarriages.

Finding a New TV Show Mike & I have similar taste in TV (except he likes animated shows more than I do). Our favorite shows to watch together have been : The West Wing & Newsroom – funny, smart, heart-warming! Arrested Development & Flight of the Conchords – funny, quirky! ...more