Some News.

Five weeks ago, Mike got a job offer. Four weeks ago, Mike accepted the job offer. This summer, we are moving ....more

How to Survive Winter.

A long time ago,...more

Theo at 8 Months.

He: – Is crazy active. Like, thrashing and mobile and just go go go go all the time. – Was a great traveller when we went to Puerto Rico ....more

February Update + March Intentions.

[February Update] Work on weekday routines....more

Puerto Rico Visit, Part 1 | Lazing about at a resort

Like last time, we split up our winter getaway to Puerto Rico in two parts: first, staying at a remote resort on the northeast shore with plenty of space and greenery, then staying near the city to partake in much food and walking. If you’re wondering why Puerto Rico or about the different areas to visit on the island, I recommend checking out this...more

Friday Finds

Puerto Rico! I’ll tell you about it next week. Whew ....more

Theo at 7 Months.

(This post is, oh, almost 3 weeks late. But for posterity’s sake, I want to get it down.) (And posterity, I mean, I’m going to print these out and call it a baby book. Because that’s the extent of baby booking I’m going to do with this kid ....more

January Update + February Intentions

Oh, what? It’s mid-February? I almost complete forwent this post, but then I did some goal setting for 2015 and I’m all fired up and ready to go ....more