Six Weeks Out.

Six weeks ago I was at the hospital. I was dreading going to the labor and delivery floor to give birth to my dead baby. I was so scared of walking in and seeing some hugely pregnant woman getting admitted and getting ready to meet her baby while I was there with my undersized bump and fighting back tears ....more

17 Days Out.

I looked outside and suddenly there are flowers and the trees are lush with...more


I’m sad to share that last Wednesday, we found the baby no longer...more


I don’t know how to write this. The baby isn’t okay. It probably won’t be joining us ....more

Five Things // Baby, Work, Housing, and Nice People.

Cheesy toddler smiles, a new (temporary?) edgy haircut, and brothers! 1. Baby stuff I’m 19 weeks pregnant (I think? Maybe it’s tomorrow, to be honest I don’t remember my due date exactly.) and feeling mostly better ....more

Hello, April. We Meet Again, Monthly Goals.

I stopped blogging monthly goals because I felt like I was just setting the same kinds of goals over and over without making any permanent progress. Shouldn’t I be able to eventually stop having, say, drink enough water as a goal and just DO IT? I last blogged my goals four months ago, and I...more

Our “Workcation” at the Outer Banks.

Why the Outer Banks? We were trying to decide whether to spend Mike’s week of spring break (perk of his new job, woo!) alternating work times like we do in the summer (one person works morning, the other afternoons, swapping child care) or travel somewhere for a vacation. Some plans to head to Florida fell through, so I figured we’d be sensible and stay home ....more

Three is a Magic Number. 

I have a little news to share. I have felt like crap for most of 2016. But for a good reason ....more

Doing a Buy Nothing Month.

Every so often, my eating junk food gets a little out of control and do a little juice cleanse. To help reset my body’s ideas of food as fuel and why I eat. JUST KIDDING ....more

How and Why We Budget.

We’ve been reconfiguring our budget over the past few months, so I thought I’d share a little about budgeting – namely, why and how we do it. Plus, talking about money is always a good time and something I personally enjoy reading about doing. Why Budget? ...more