Summer Update & October Intentions

It’s been a whopping four months since I set goals for myself. Four months of upheaval and packing and house hunting and packing and moving and unpacking and getting settled. And here we are....more

Updates on Routines, Working, and the New Job.

My goal for 2015 was routine. Not routine in the sense of boring sameness, but routine in a way that our days and weeks have a predictability to them that helps me to fit in my desired habits as well as helping the boys to know what to expect. They both thrive from routine and I thrive from having a set time to work, clean, play, rest, and exercise ....more

Moving Logistics – Using Moving Cubes & Hiring Help.

Moving can be a logistical nightmare, but I’m pretty pleased with how our recent move from Ohio to Massachusetts went so I wanted to share a few things I learned in the process. Understanding our options All of our moves prior to this had been pre-kids and just within the same state, so we always...more

My First Stitch Fix! Keep or Return?

Why I Signed Up I’ve been wanting to sign up for Stitch Fix...more

We Live in Massachusetts Now.

(And it still took me three tries to spell the state name correctly.) We are close to done with the unpacking and organizing stage (only two days after move in! This is what happens when you get rid of half...more

Long Distance Moving and Decluttering – A Few Tips.

We’re in the midst of a long distance move to Massachusetts this month (in the nomadic portion of our move – we moved out of our apartment a week ago, but don’t move in to our new apartment for 10 more days – shacking up with family here in Ohio). We challenged ourselves to see if we could move in just one moving container (which held...more

Life Lately – More About Summer & Moving.

What a summer it’s been! It’s been full and hectic and wonderful and stressful all at once. Theo turned one, the boys had a joint birthday party, Mike is getting his PhD this Saturday, we traveled to Toronto, and we’ve been married 8 years today ....more

House Hunters: Rental Edition.

After I asked for a lot of feedback on Twitter about which home...more

Five Things // Updates & Current Happening.

1. House hunting....more

Friday Finds.

How was your week? I’ve been loving summer with its milder weather, plus Mike’s off work now, and I’ve been seeing friends every single day. Lots of dinners and ice cream runs and spending an hour reading a pile of books with two boys on my lap ....more