A Tiny Christmas.

There are a lot of reasons to keep gifts from being the focus of the holidays - but why do we go light on the gifts? Space, cleaning, the cost benefit, it's overwhelming, and because we have enough -- contentment....more

A Tiny Christmas.

Let’s talk about downsizing today. Specifically, downsizing Christmas. When Mike and I started thinking about what we want our kids to get from Christmas – memories, family traditions, and fun activities top our list ....more

Favorite Finds of 2014.

I wanted to share some of the best things I discovered this year – I have had a lot less time to sit down and read blog posts and books, so podcasts and audiobooks have been...more

If I Had a Daughter.

(me on the right, age 5) I would tell her I’m sorry. I’m sorry that the ads tell her she needs to look perfect. That she can never age ....more

What I’ve Learned about Decluttering

About 3.5 years ago, my life changed when I started my transformation from slob to…not that messy. It’s become second nature to me now to pick up more often, get rid of things, and generally just prevent us from living in a state of squalor. For many people, they don’t need to learn this ....more

Theo at 5 Months.

He: – Was sleeping terribly but has slept better the last few...more

November Updates & December Intentions.

[November Update] Sell things on Craiglist. I listed and sold several items. I sold everything I listed (except for a playmat that ended up as a donation on accident) ....more

Babyhood: This Time vs. Last Time.

Babies at four months (Theo, Gabe) A few months ago, I talked about how my pregnancies compared to each other. Now let’s talk about how my experiences of babyhood...more

This Week’s Meal Plan & A Free Cookbook (sorta).

Since I love seeing other family’s meal plans and budget-friendly meals are my jam, I thought I’d share what we have cooking every now and then in case anyone else loves finding recipes that are good. (Full disclosure: I won’t do it often since we often eat the same things several times a month.) We tend to eat vegetarian, leaning towards vegan but with a good mix of frozen pizza or veggie burgers every now and then. I love cooking and eating healthy food (with brownies for dessert for balance), but I do not love spending hours every evening in the kitchen cooking and cleaning ....more

Five Things.

It’s not a Friday, but I have five things to talk about. Hello. 1. I’m closing my Etsy shop and getting rid of everything I have at 50% off ....more