Other than no signal anywhere there's no wi-fi, I really like the mountains! But seriously, how do these people use their phones? Do their phones work? ...more

Fall Y'all

I'm here in the mountains and it's really fall. I barely need a hoodie but I did wear one once when I was up near the clouds and it was chilly for a Florida girl. (Probably 68ish).It's pouring now and I'm fine with that because our cabin has a tin roof and it sounds lovely, and maybe it will push in more hoodie weather and make the waterfalls more dramatic.I really like fall ....more

God's Plan

I've been trying to post every day (for like 3 whole days now) but sometimes I'm tired and don't have anything to post about. Like today. So here is something someone else made that made me laugh: ...more

Deep Thoughts by little kid

"One thing I noticed today is if you talk about the future, you're going into the future. Each and every second you talk about the future, the future is already happening."Whoa. It's like hanging out with a little high dude who never has any weed ....more

Serial Podcast Listener

When we first moved into this house, Mr. Ashley took a stand and said no television in the bedroom. I've always needed noise to fall asleep to and he's always hated it.It didn't take long for me to find podcasts.I'm not trying to be an inconsiderate jerk, it just comes naturally ....more

The Best Things in Life are Beaches and Cats

Just in case you don't follow me on social media (I take that personally, by the way), I feel the need to remind you that I love these cats so much that I wish I could marry both of them. LOOK AT THAT.They do adorable shit like that every single day. When they are like that, I really can't leave them alone ....more

Still Alive

I've sold almost $300 worth of random stuff to random strangers and haven't killed or been killed yet so I will be waiting for my trophy. I listed some things on Craigslist at the same time I posted on the yard sale site and Craigslist people definitely win most annoying. I think Facebook yard sale site people might were the easiest, in spite of being outstandingly irritating ....more

Facebook Yard Sale People

So I was going to have a garage sale.I know. Anyone who remembers the last few garage sales is probably pretty surprised. Remember that time that lady threw a bag of baby clothes and spit at me? ...more


Saturday was my birthday.I am 36. We went to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate -- the same place we went for my anniversary a few years ago, when one child had a major bathroom incident and the other projectile vomited all over our shared table. We left abruptly (because, really, that's all you can do when a waiter is trying to clean up your child's vomit with a handheld floor sweeper) and it was not a good day."I remember this restaurant ....more

Yes and Yes

"That would be amazeballs," I said to my husband in conversation, in an annoying way on purpose like when I say adorbs.(Don't worry, I don't do this often. He knows to ignore it completely.)"Mom, did you just say amazeballs?" little kid asked. I was surprised he had heard me ....more