Dear little kid,

Something incredible happened 10 years ago today.I made magic. I -- imperfect, ordinary, often unhappy, kind of chaotic, half-glass-empty-me. I created it and grew it and brought it forth into the world ....more

New Heights

"Did you see that some guy scaled Trump Towers using suction cups or something?" I asked Big Kid."I did. That's hilarious.""The way the media is covering it is funny too, I keep seeing him referred to as only his first name. Wait, what was his name? ...more

Dear Big Kid,

If your life was a road trip, I would find myself wondering why on earth we ever did even one mile over the speed limit, why we passed any other cars, why we didn’t make more stops along the way. I already regret every, “Are we there yet?”You’re 13 today and you wear it well. This is both a compliment and not ....more

Stranger Things

Guys, summer is forever....more


little kid, aged 9, is borderline weird in his love for me.And I can't help but love it.To say he is full of compliments is an understatement -- it's more like I have a miniature poet following me around on some days.Today he came into my room and said, "You know, I've been thinking. I always talk about how you're gorgeous, because you are gorgeous, and I don't say that you also have a really good personality. Like, people really like you and I'm not just saying that because you're my mom ....more

Power of People

I would like to just take a minute to congratulate myself, and accept your appreciation, on my lack of political opinions on the internet lately.(Twitter doesn't count.)Not to be dramatic, but the entire rest of the world is slowly killing me. So slowly though, like the world has straightened out a paperclip and is stabbing me with it repeatedly -- short, annoying, constant jabs that sometimes pile up until I lie in bed at night and wonder if all of these little hurts could add up one day, that all of the little pinpricks might let my soul leak out onto the sidewalk until people are stepping over the puddle of me and arguing over who will be responsible for cleaning it up.Not to be dramatic.I am 85% sure that the world is not a safe place for someone so easily affected, and yet I'm stuck here. I also think the internet is a big problem, because the whole world is in my lap and I can't brush it off when it feels like the sky is falling ....more

Summer o' Snark

Part of Big Kid's sleep away camp experience involved exploring the arts along with nature. He wrote a humorous Dear Abby column one day, which included the line:So if you’re a farmer (and you might be, if you’re still reading the newspaper)...Big Kid's brand of snark makes me look as sweet as Pollyanna. I know people think he gets it from me, but he has so far surpassed anything I could hope to achieve in terms of dry wit, that maybe I get it from him.We were at the beach the other day and a woman sat down next to us with a bunch of middle schoolers and proceeded to have all kinds of raunchy and inappropriate conversations, up to and including how her son was an accident and period talk ....more

Creeping Along

"My doctor said I should have come in a long time ago and that they will probably put me in one of those boots," I was explaining my need for a podiatrist (I'm so middle aged, people) when little kid interrupted, "Mom! No!""What? The boot? ...more

Camp Reunion

Big Kid just returned from a five night sleep away camp.He's 12 and has not spent many nights away from home. I was really apprehensive about him going, and even offered to chaperone or rent a place nearby, to which he gave a robust "ABSOLUTELY NOT" and then we got into an argument about how I am not literally crazy, which we do a lot.However, I did really well. I didn't even cry when he left ....more

Brotherly Love

"I'm going to miss my brother when he's at camp." "Maybe you should get off of the computer and hang out with him."...more