The Saga of The Working Mom

photo by Tell The Birds A year and a half ago I was about 10 months into building my company, Threads by The Shine Project. I traveled a lot (still do), I loved it. I worked a lot (still do), I loved it ....more


Skirt- ℅ Shabby Apple, Jewerly- The Shine Project, Sweater- c/o Lilla P NYC photos by Tell The Birds I've been wanting to blog for the past two weeks, but it's been so crazy around here. Running a business during the holiday season is no joke, and I'm thankful for all of your support so we can employ inner city youth during this time. Make sure you follow me @theshineproject on Instagram because I'm always updating on there… But for now, I just wanted to let you know that I'M HERE, and I love ya, and be patient on me ....more

How To Escape When You Feel Like You Can't

Shirt and Vest- ℅ Red 23 Clothing...more

Some Thoughts About Marriage That Changed My Life.

photos by Tell The Birds Mike is a very calm, go with the flow type of person. He gets things done, is incredibly smart, and is up for any shenanigan that I tell him we're doing. Last year the guy was a sheep for Halloween because I wanted to be Little Bo Peep so bad, so he did the walk of shame through the party for me ....more

Eat Fresh Challenge: 2 Easy Salsa Recipes

It's been so fun cooking with the kids during my three week Colavita and Cooking Planit #eatfreshchallenge. Zoe loves being in the kitchen and got excited using ingredients that are new to her. Making homemade oatmeal pancakes was probably all of our favorite meal ....more

Double Braided Bun Tutorial

I teamed up with HC Cosmetology...more

The Tooth Fair Isn't Perfect


#Eatfreshchallenge Week 2 and a giveaway!

Last week we kicked off our #eatfreshcampaign with Colavita...more

Top 4 Park City Moments

Jacket- ℅ Red 23, Pants- ℅ Windsor, Boots- ℅ Windsor, Necklaces- The Shine Project ,Purse- ℅ Windsor ...more

Park City Photo Log at The Montage Resort

The kids had fall break last week, so we decided to spend it in Utah. We spent the first 2 nights in Park City at the Montage Deer Valley Resort, and am now forever spoiled. The resort was not only the nicest place that I have ever stayed at, but had the most accommodating staff ....more