Every mother thinks

Every mother thinks her child is exceptional. Every mom thinks her child is the most special, the cutest, the best. Well- not every mom. (I've been watching too much news lately.) But most do. And I definitely can join the throngs of hyper-caffeinated, eager and endearing mothers who love to proclaim to anyone who will listen how amazing their children are. Because my child IS amazing! ...more

Learning Curve

Taking a new position at a new job is no joke. Especially after having a baby. ...more

Every Day I'm Shufflin'

It's been a minute since I've blogged, huh. I've had my hands FULL! I now have a mostly mobile little boy on my hands, school started back, and after five years of teaching I'm having to figure out a new routine that juggles work, students, baby, and hubs. It's a learning experience for sure. ...more


My son is rolling around in his pack n play, playing with the shadows the sunlight is making in his little play space. You should hear the sounds he's making. Most days, he spends hours playing by himself with me in the other room listening to all the little giggles and squeals he makes at almost six months old. Every little squeak melts my heart. ...more

Waterproof Catch All Bib Tutorial

So I thought I'd do something useful today and create a tutorial on how to make a waterproof catch all bib for kiddos still trying to master the whole food-goes-in-the-mouth thing. If you can thread a sewing machine and make it go, you can easily make this bib. You need a bib to trace, fabric for the front and back, iron-on vinyl (easy to find on google), and snaps. ...more

The Argument for Rocking Your Child to Sleep

Disclaimer- I'm mostly writing about infants in this post. I know once you reach the toddler years more complicated sleep problems can arise- not staying in bed, etc. Although I don't feel like those problems are  necessarily related to rocking a child to sleep, I'm mostly referencing infants in this post. ...more

A Quick Letter to Cashimilian.

Bug, ...more

Three Months

It's been a big month of growing for kiddo. He's eating a ton and sleeping 10-12 hours a night consistently! He's gone from giving us a "goo" and a couple of few syllable laughs to talking constantly. Everything he says cracks him up. He laughs at his own jokes. But he laughs at our jokes too, so it's ok. He's finally begun to open up his fists and doesn't have his dukes up constantly. He's getting really good at holding ...more

The Dragonfly Races

(Click here to listen to The Dragonfly Races) I bought a ticket to the Dragonfly Races out where the forest meets the meadow The twinkling lighting bugs ...more

Two Months

Things are moving along just swimmingly with the little guy. He's officially sleeping through the night and started doing it consistently at about 7 weeks. I'm still learning that pretty much everything "they" tell you, while they're good suggestions, that doesn't mean it'll necessarily work for you or that other things won't work too. We're pretty much doing the opposite of everything every "routine" book I've read tells you to do, and we have a kid that sleeps through the ...more