Little Cottages Make My Heart Flutter

sourceYou can show me the biggest mcmansion ever and I won't be in love.The houses that make my heart flutter are the charming little cottages.Show me a sweet little cottage and I am guaranteed to startswooning! sourceAdd an arbor and a picket fence ~ better call 911 :-) sourceSweet stone chimney, cute little windows with tie back priscilla curtains.Gasp! sourceCupid ~ you just shot an arrow through my heart! ...more

The "In Basket" of Life

I live in two worlds. ...more

Rustic Charm and Old Music

Last week I showed you a formal tablescape in my dining room. Although I enjoy having dinner in that room, my favorite place to...more

Snooping ~ You Know You Want To

We all seem to have a natural curiosity about one another. ...more

Depression and a Loved One's Thoughts of Suicide

We all are feeling a bit sad today. ...more

Grandma's Little Rocker

My Grandma had a little rocker up in her bedroom that I always loved. ...more

Church, Brunch and a Sunday Drive

Victoria, Texas is a church going town. ...more

Checks Please

I added some red and white check curtain panels to either end of the...more

Sunday Lunch Tablescape

Setting the table for an elegant dinner brings back lots of memories for me now. ...more

Bedtime Rituals

There are certain rituals that I like to do at bedtime. ...more