A Toolbox Tea

It's a cloudy and quiet morning in my studio. ...more

My Muse Is Tugging My Sleeve

My muse has been spending time with me all morning. ...more

It's One of "Those" Days

I'm having what I call one of "those days". ...more

Lucy and Ethel Paper Hangers

Saturday I went over to Hobby Lobby with the idea that I would look for some additional fall decorations, but instead came home with this. A framed Sweet Tea recipe, on sale, how could I resist? ...more

Antiques and More ~ Come Shop With Me

Yesterday was cloudy and cool. ...more

Straightening Up My Studio

My studio is a mess! ...more

Grateful Morning

I woke up early as I always do. ...more

Toile and Buffalo Checks in the Bath

sourceI have always loved this powder room. ...more

Chatty Thoughts About This and That

I have added a few fall like touches around my cottage. ...more

The Fall Wreath on My Front Door

I cannot take credit for this wreath. ...more