The Sorrow of Being Childless on Mother's Day

I am taking the rest of the week off because Mother's Day is this coming Sunday. ...more

The Happy Golf Widow

David is in a three day golf tournament and I don't mind a bit. ...more

Decorating in the Miniature Kitchen

In between loads of laundry and general clean up around the full size house ~ I just couldn't help but fuss around a bit with the mini house. Yesterday this cute little shelf arrived for above the kitchen sink. ...more

Fresh Out of the Oven

I have never spent much time baking. ...more

Welcome to My Studio

Welcome to my studio. ...more

Bacon and Cornbread Salad ~ Yum!

On Sunday we hung around the house all afternoon. ...more

Vintage Linen Pillow Craft

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law Cindy went to an estate sale near her home in Lago Vista, Texas. ...more

Sunday Afternoon Nesting

We're just nesting today. ...more

Flash News!

The flash news is ~ no flashes! ...more

For Safety in the Storm

Well, here we go again. ...more