Play Date With My Camera

This morning I decided to have a play date with my camera. ...more

Stopping by to Say Hi

The weather here remains hot, hot, hot and very humid. ...more

Back to School Splash Party

Yesterday our next door neighbors hosted a Back to School Splash Party with the biggest slip and slide I have ever seen. ...more

Tea and Rye Bread Toast at 3 AM and Other Ramblings

I believe that I have told you before that sometimes I suffer from insomnia. I have a list of remedies that I try which are often effective, but last night nothing seemed to work. ...more

Tea With Honey

I want to show you the cutest thing my friend Sharon sent me recently. ...more

Happy National Dog Day from Bentley!

Bentley believes that every home that has a dog is a happier home. Dogs love to be part of the family and go everywhere with the humans they love. Dogs love to participate in holidays and will even happily wear Mardi Gras beads ....more

We Are Readers

We have several spots around our house where I like to read, but this spot is my favorite. ...more

Favorite Things Friday

Breakfast in bed ~ with a good book too. Crafting in my studio. Sitting on the back porch ....more

Tepee Springs Fire in Idaho

The fire season in Idaho has been particularly rough this year. ...more

Paint Color for the Guest Bath

Just got back from a trip out to west Texas with David. ...more