Bentley's Weekend Wrap~Up

Hi ~ It's me, Bentley. ...more

Sweet Memories of an Antique Shop

This picture of Blue Moon Antiques is what you see above. ...more

Healthy Lunch from Leftovers in the Fridge

This morning was really a busy one. ...more

Dozens of Tablescapes

Do you ever go through your old photos and think to yourself...more

Sleep Your Wrinkles Away ;-)

I think I have finally stopped having sleepless nights. ...more

Starting Over ~ Yet Again

I have a miniature African Violet that sits on the window ledge over my kitchen sink. ...more

I Lost My Blog Post ~ Sorry

If you were looking for my blog post about my floral vignette, I am sorry to say that I lost it. ...more

A Floral Vignette

I am forever dreaming up ways to add a bit of light to our family room. ...more

When One Room Inspires

Isn't this just the sweetest kitchen? ...more

The Camelot Years

I have immersed myself in the Mad Men marathon. ...more