A Tiny Office Space

source I have a friend back in Idaho who works at a university there. She just found out that her department is moving to another...more

Tiny Office Decorating Ideas

source A dear friend of mine who works at a University back in Idaho, learned that her department was being moved to another building and that her office would be very, very small. ...more

In Some Mystical, Cosmic Way It Was Fated

I was looking for a cachepot for the orchid in our guest bath. ...more

In Memory of Cecil

I am so saddened by the brutal and senseless killing of the...more

After Being Thrown Under the Bus

Since the passing of my Mom last year and my Aunt recently, I have been giving a lot of thought to the nature of my soul. The days and nights of this life pass by so quickly. ...more

Creative Layering

I have been stripping wallpaper and just have one tiny section left to finish. Once the walls are washed and sanded the painting will begin. ...more

Choosing to be Happy and Wallpaper Update

It's been a tough couple of weeks around here. ...more

Flashback Garden Tea Party

There's little Bentley checking everything out and no doubt wondering, Is one of those petit fours for me ??? Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley ...more

Kitchens, Foodies and Ramblings

I am always in the kitchen. ...more

Never Too Many Pillows

Bentley agrees! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley ...more