Magazine Spread Tweaking

Lots of tweaking and lots of excitement around here this week. Late last week I found out that my house is going to be featured in an Italian interior design magazine. ...more

I Love Sunday Houses

source David and I have been working with a real estate agent up in...more

We Are Over 21

Welcome to a little corner of my kitchen. ...more

Everywhere and Nowhere

Several months ago I signed up with a website that lists estate sales not only in my area but in other areas of the country. Estate Sales...more

Little Nooks and Crannies

In every home I have ever lived in I have had spots, nooks and crannies that have been special to me. ...more

Makeover Madness

Sometimes we all feel like a new look. ...more

Scabs Over the Wounds

Last week I wasn't feeling very well and I know why. ...more

Cinnamon Toast and Tea

I have not been feeling well all week. ...more

Texas Ruby Reds

The daughter of one of David's co-workers was selling grapefruits for a fund raiser for school. ...more

Daisy Fresh Farmhouse Tweaks

After the Christmas holidays when I finally start to pack all the decorations and put things away, I do what many of you do too ~ tweak vignettes. ...more