Tweaking My Studio Shelves

I did a little tweaking in my studio recently. ...more

Mayberry Moments ~ The Porch Swing

During our Mayberry Moments ~ enjoying the porch swing is always encouraged. ...more

Unexpected Insurance Salesman ;-)

I was out on the back porch sweeping and watering the plants when this guy shows up. These guys sure are persistent ;-) He took scurried off when I told him that Bentley was on his way out! Happy Friday everyone! ...more


Just in a photo taking mood and wanted to share my most recent pics with you. Home Sweet Home Share Your Cup Feathering Your Nest Show and Tell Pink Saturday Say G'Day Have a wonderful day! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley ...more

Quite Moments at Home

Have you ever been away from home for a day or two and when you return you look at things in a more loving light? ...more

French Accents

I had my eye on something at Hobby Lobby for a little while, and it was finally reduced over the weekend. I thought this tray would be an ideal addition to what is now our guest room. Mom would have liked it ....more

Another Mayberry Moment

So glad y'all stopped by. ...more

For Deb in Seattle

Deb ~ this post is especially for you! ...more

Glad This Week Is Over

So glad this week is over. ...more

Handling The Workplace Bully

source There has been a great deal of discussion about bullies on the playground and I applaud the efforts being made to curb bullies in the classroom and at play. Unfortunately however, bullying does not end when one becomes an adult. ...more