Daisy Fresh Farmhouse Tweaks

After the Christmas holidays when I finally start to pack all the decorations and put things away, I do what many of you do too ~ tweak vignettes. ...more

My Love Affair With the Butler's ...

source When I was growing up the house we lived in had a butler's pantry. ...more

What Is Your Favorite Perfume?

I am running out of both of my favorites ~ Lauren by Ralph Lauren (which I have worn forever) and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. You can see a bottle of Chanel No. 5 in the background, but it was...more

Sometimes I Drag My Feet

I have not yet put away my Christmas decorations. ...more

My 2015 Bucket List

Vows to lose weight and exercise are on everyone's list after the...more

So What Do I Do Now?

The holidays are now over. ...more

When Did Bad Behavior Become the New Black?

source So much of the media today is dominated by people behaving...more

Don't Bother Me ~ I'm Watching Downton Abbey

Oh the excitement! ...more

Holiday Fun in Austin, Texas

David, Bentley and I went to Austin to ring in the new year. ...more

Happy New Year From Susan and Bentley

Before we say goodbye to 2014 and celebrate the dawn of the new year, ...more