will martial arts hurt my boyfriend’s career in child care, I sent money to an employer who has disappeared, and more

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how to gain respect as the new boss

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my boss won’t accept my resignation

A reader writes: I work in an office at a university, and came to the decision to finish my position at the end of this contract, rather than accepting the extension that had been offered to me. I wrote a letter of resignation and arranged a meeting with my direct supervisor to give it to him and to inform him of my intentions. When I gave him the letter, his first question was if I had another job ....more

am I misrepresenting my commitment to a job, calling a coworker “daddy,” and more

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how do I fire the most popular person in the office?

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can I keep my company truck when I leave to stick it to my company?

A reader writes: You will probably think that I am a total jerk for contemplating doing this, but just hear me out. First off, I do appreciate being gainfully employed but I absolutely HATE the company I work for. We were purchased by a gigantic multi-billion dollar company over a year ago, and ever they have been piling more and more work on us as more divisions have been acquired ....more

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update: when your boss is a raging alcoholic

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what to do when your team is missing deadlines

Most teams miss a deadline now and then. But if people on your team are regularly blowing deadlines, there’s a problem that you need to address … before it causes work to blow up too. Fixing a deadline problem means first figuring out what’s causing the problem ....more