Fuck the Fairy Tale – Love in the 21st Century

Dear Buttons,How long do I have to be single before it’s required that I seriously consider (a) lesbianism, or(b) becoming a spinster who will be eaten by her cats?-On My OwnDear On My,Guuuuuurl two things, 1. Aint’ nothin’ wrong with having some cats. 2. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with lickin some…ice cream off your spoon cause you’re alone at home with the afore mentioned cats....more

The Golden Handcuffs – Is My Day Job Making Me Fat?

Hey Buttons!I am a performer like everyone else on the face of NYC, and I have a day job… like everyone else that isn’t getting paid for their fucking amazing talents! The job allows me to make my own schedule which is rare and awesome, but the job itself is a little strange....more

Palming the Poop - Postulations on Parenting

Dear Buttons,...more

Should we move in together? Yes:3 No:4

Dear Buttons,As a guy in his mid 20′s I find it odd that I’ve never found myself as part of a relationship where I live with a significant other. Part of me feels like couples who move in together after a couple months of dating just happen to be two clingy people that have found each other. What are some of the steps, signs and contrastive topics that couple’s engage in before one moves in with the other or do they just look for and co- sign a lease?thanks!-Ox Dear Ox,...more