Are You Overexposed? Why Should He Buy the Cow When He Gets the Milk for Free?

Question of the day: Are you overexposed in your relationship?  Have your previous "womanly charms" become invisible to the naked eye of your beloved?  Do you recall the day when the slightest smell of your hair sent your lover into an intoxicating trance that made his eyes roll back in anticipation of a passionate kiss?...more

Do "Good Girls" Finish Last? Are You a Good Girl...or a Bad Girl?

Question of the day..Is it better to be the good girl or the bad girl?  Is there a trend of good girls finishing in last place while painfully holding last years designer bag of broken hearts and crushed dreams?  Traditionally, being the good girl entailed having impeccable social graces, perfect posture, a Colgate smile and lips polished to perfection with a tasteful, yet alluring shade of pink/red lipstick. Thank you notes and polite gestures to friends, family, collegues and neighbors is an expected behavior from a good girl....more