cookie butts

if you've visited the "about" tab, you know that "cookie butt" is a nickname i came up with for our pets. it actually started out being our husky's nickname. her "real" name is nevaeha and she's a beautiful girl who turned 8 years old in january....more

please don't



i have jumped on the vinegar bandwagon and i must say - i love it!  i started noticing a lot of pins on pinterest about cleaning with vinegar and thought there must be something to it if that many people were pinning about the benefits.  so i headed to target and picked up a 64 ounce bottle of their market pantry distilled vinegar.  i paid $1.99 so think of the savings!...more


is it weird that we have not tried peanuts yet with chicken nugget?  he's 19 months old so i think we could have introduced peanuts last month but i have also heard that lots of parents wait until their toddler is 2 years old.  some even start at 6 months.   ...more

potty trying...

chicken nugget is 19 months old - too young, i think, to really start potty training so we are potty trying instead. he picked out this potty at target and, so far, his favorite thing about it is that it turns into a stool. sometimes he'll sit on it, but usually only after he has removed the toilet seat part....more

journaling for chicken nugget...

one of the things i remember from my baby book is a letter written to me by my dad when i was born.  what a cool thing to have forever!  right after chicken nugget was born, i tried several times to start a letter to him but either couldn't get through it without crying or didn't know when to stop writing.  i started a journal instead.  ...more

once again...

once again i have neglected to post in a really really really long time!  a lot has happened since i put those christmas pictures up!  ...more

growing up...

it's another week with the Mommy-Brain Mixer being hosted by Two In Diapers!  if you're visiting from the blog hop - welcome and thank you! ...more

thursday blog hop and vacation...

i love blog hops!  they give you a chance to find other blogs you may end up loving or even just funny posts that make you smile.  this one is being hosted by Two In Diapers which is a really fun mommy blog with a very cute design.  if you're visiting from the blog hop - welcome and thank you! ...more