small packages

If miniature foods make you happy, you're gonna love these itty-bitty quiches. read more words! ...more

good, better, best

Loyal and longtime readers will know that I sometimes get on a kick and become determined to try new recipes or dishes until I get as close to perfection as I deem possible. read more words! ...more


There are some things we just don't fully appreciate until they disappear for awhile (or forever), and I know I'm guilty of taking lots of things for granted, my senses of smell and taste being high on the list. As someone whose life centers around food in many ways, those are two very important things! read more words! ...more

all things pink and red

Is it February again already? read more words! ...more

surprisingly smitten

I'm pretty sure I've talked about the fact that I don't really like oatmeal as a breakfast option. Granted, until recently, I'd only ever eaten the stuff that comes in the little brown packet, and that's undoubtedly my first mistake (of many). Although I'm sure it's not always the case, I can't help but associate oatmeal with a thick, gummy texture reminiscent of mucous, and that's anything but appetizing ....more

terrible twos

Sometimes it's really hard to cook for only two people. read more words! ...more

wonders never cease

As it turns out, potatoes make for an awesome loaf of bread, and no one is more surprised than I! read more words! ...more

long live the queen

I'm slowly but surely becoming quite fond of the city I now call home. read more words! ...more

soup's on!

Leftover turkey meat can be used up in a variety of ways. read more words! ...more

cold hands, warm heart

My toes and fingers are almost always cold, and I've come to terms with it. read more words! ...more