Proud to be (on) One Bad Mother

I can't tell you the last time I had this much fun with my clothes on. Seriously, y'all, Biz & Theresa are hilarious and I wanted to climb into my iPhone and paint our nails and braid hair and sing kumbaya until we got nice and drunk and started slurring the words. You know, like a proper sleepover with your BFFs....more

When Deadline is King

Digging deep in the archives for this one tonight because my blog keeps crashing on me while I try to write new words and its this or I have to rob a bank to buy a new Macbook after I spike this one into the ground if I lose another post in the middle of trying to publish it. This post originally appeared on Aspiring Mama in July. Happy #NaBloPoMo ....more

Beautiful in Black & White: My Experience with the 4th Trimester Bodies Project

Photo credit: Pauline M. Campos It started with a request to sign a copy of my book. She'd be in the same state, after all, and seeing as how I only live four hours north, maybe I could meet up and we could take a few selfies together to prove we'd inhabited the same physical space after years of conversations in 140 characters and status updates....more

Once Upon a Saturday

Once a upon a time, in the land of Homeschool Saturday, the math lesson was to count the returnable a & figure out how much she's getting back when we drop them off. Of course this took hours because first she had to get into character and became Cinderella and I became the evil stepmother and her Tea Collection dress became her apron, as it usually does, otherwise she couldn't look the part. Then there was the dialogue and the imaginary spats with her imaginary evil step sisters and reminders to me to "be more evil" and reminders from me to "just finish the stinking bottles, already." And finally, finally, after all the imagination and a few hours after starting the bottles - because Cinderella has the entire mansion to take care of, mother- she figured out that she had 12 sets of tally marks and that 12 times five is 60 bottles and that 60 times 5 cents is $3 and all the angels rejoiced ....more

Lola means Strength

I want to introduce you to Lola. She's a rescue. We got her while living in Arizona from a no kill shelter....more

The Safe Option

Image by Ashlee Wells Jackson; used with permission. There was a safe option. I am covered, mostly, by the long-limbed daughter I am holding ....more

I'm Not Really Here Right Now

Today is the last day of the #365FeministSelfie #SelfieCon and I am actually not really here. Instead, I am (hopefully) making it to the wrap-up events, saying heartfelt good-bye to friends, old and new, hopefully optimistic about catching the C-Train from downtown Columbus to German Village and The Loft Bookstore. Full Disclosure: I'm aiming for a book-signing and for the store to carry BabyFat ....more

Cinderella: The Dust Destroyer

I'm sitting in my room at the Drury Inn & Suites in Columbus Ohio, taking a short break from repacking to blog. #NaBloPoMo is A Thing, and I'm trying like bloody hell to make this Thing happen, so that means blogging is back on the priority it used to be when Twitter was for Actual Conversation and Feminist still was confused as a proper noun defined by the average person as One Who Burns Bras and Hates Men....more

Chocolate Chips & Maybe's...

A long time ago, I read a book written by a 12-year-old. It was a real book and it was in my school library and it was at the book fair and it was published and it was exactly what I wanted to happen to me. I wanted to be published; to write stories that made people laugh and cry and want to turn the page because my words left them wanting for more....more

Unfiltered in Black & White: 4th Trimester Bodies Project

I have so many words to share but I'm still processing. It's not every day that Ashlee Wells Jackson asks me to participate in a photo shoot for the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. And it's even rarer still when I drive four hours, through the fear and self-doubt, and find myself in front of ...more