Conference Attendee Disappointed in Wasteful Meals

I thought long and hard before writing this little post, because I had such a fantastic time at the conference in San Francisco this year. I have just one little complaint to make, and I know that at the very least, the conference attendees who sat with me at lunchtime will agree, since the topic came up while we ate. ...more

A Month of Eating Locally

At the BlogHer '08 panel discussion, "What We Believe: Tools for Online Fundraising and Activism", Catherine Connors, founder of BlogHers Act Canada, talked about the importance of using blogs to get people spreading the word about issues they are passionate about, whether they be political, enivonmental or personal in nature. ...more

Is YOUR breakfast local?

This month, our eco-challenge at BlogHers ACT Canada is to eat locally. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately, eating locally doesn't necessarily mean eating food that comes from your local grocery store. It means being aware of the sources of the food that is sitting on those supermarket shelves. It means buying food that was grown within 100 miles of your home. ...more

Garden Shopping Goes Green at BlogHers ACT Canada

May's focus at BlogHers ACT Canada is on eco-gardening.  Does this sound redundant to you?  Ideally, all gardening practices would be ecologically friendly, but the fact of the matter is, many are not. Every year, thousands of gardeners all over North America head out to shop for flowers and vegetables, taking all kinds of non-biodegradable plastics home along with their plants.  Most municipalities do not recycle these pots and flats, which then end up in landfill sites. ...more

Garden Bloggers Meet-up?

Are there any garden bloggers who would like to meet up on Sunday morning for a little walk around to see some local gardens in San Francisco?  There are probably some lovely public gardens in the area, as wel. ...more

BlogHers ACT Canada's May Challenge: Greener Gardening!

This month at BlogHers ACT Canada, we're going to be focusing on Greener Gardening.  This month's first post zeroes in on some great web content that will provide any gardener who aims to garden in a more green manner with some great tips for getting started. Later this month, stay tuned for: ...more

Canadian Eco-News for Earth Day

Wow. So much eco-news in Canada these days! ...more

Help Ensure that Genetically Engineered Foods are Labelled!

Are you a conscious consumer? Do you care about bio-diversity and living a sustainable lifestyle? ...more

How Can Kids Spread the Green Message?

This week we are continuing our month-long quest at BlogHers ACT Canada to teach our kids to go green, asking the question, "How can kids spread the green message?" This week my goal is to provide a few ideas not just for teaching kids to be more environmentally responsible, but for showing kids that they can teach each other about how to go green, too. We'd love to hear your ideas! ...more

BlogHers ACT Canada's April Challenge: Teaching Kids to Go Green!

April's Challenge has been introduced over at BlogHers ACT Canada. This month, we are teaching our kids to go green! What better message to impress upon kids in the month we celebrate Earth Day? This first week of April, we're focusing on discovering great books for teaching kids about the environment. ...more