On the Road Again

TOG and AG hit the road for yet another bout of inexpensive hotels, hit and miss meals, turn by turn navigation, amazing scenery and more togetherness than any two people should enjoy. And yet... we love the road trips ....more

The Journey

If any of you have known me for a over a year, you'll know that I love football in general and the Seahawks in particular. I absolutely love the game and all the competition and coverage that surrounds NFL football! I love being a season ticket holder and attending the games even when my lungs have other ideas! ...more

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing everyone a heart bursting with contentment today. AG ...more

Happy World Asthma Day

Today is World Asthma Day. Mmmph. This year is my 10th Asthmaversary. Thrrrp. I'm now on some of the strongest meds available to us wheezers. I have degenerative hip disease. I've got a husband whose term of affection for me is "Lunger." (Between you and my, I find this charming) ...more

Celebrating a Life

I had to step back for a few weeks... In March, my beloved Mother-in-law of 32 years died. It's hard to put her life in words but she was a remarkable woman ....more

By and By

I had started a number of posts a couple weeks ago. They are all still in draft mode as finishing them became the last thing on  my mind with a sudden and unexpected death in our family. We're healing, but it's a slow process when someone is so beloved. Just saying that I'll be back soon ....more

An Act of Love

For my friend LaLa... I salute you! I hope my hair brings great happiness to someone without... Xx ...more

New Posts!

   Check out the new post in other parts of the blog! Here! and Here xx AG ...more

Interlude in Paradise

In many ways, Florida was paradise. At 75 degrees, it was perfect for hanging a sundress on my pasty white frame. The wild life was more than willing to put on a show! ...more

Packing Priorities

It doesn't matter whether I'm going on a road trip to the desert or flying to Ireland. The first thing I think about when I pack is my hair care, because the last thing I want to worry about when I get there, is whether my hair is going to behave... (and it's ability to misbehave is legion). And since I travel with TOG, no hair delays can be tolerated ....more