Hospitality: Overnight Guests


Pillow Talk

I like pillows.  I really like soft pillows.  Since Mi Amor and I got married almost 4 months ago, we've had an ongoing "argument" over pillows.  Over his pillows to be exact.  We're not serious most of the time, although I'm afraid it may be a little annoying to him at times......more

Chicken Marsala

I just posted a new recipe!  My husband and I used a recipe similar to this when we made a romantic dinner together while we were dating.  That recipe included spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, which was a nice addition, but not traditional.  My version is a combination of 3 different recipes that I found on  I hope you enjoy it!Chicken Marsala posted at Mariposa's Mesa...more

Conflicting Desires


Shortly before getting married I began collecting aprons.  Not on purpose, really.  It's just happened...My mom has a nice collection of aprons.  (She even has one that I brought back from Mexico!)  Perhaps that is where my interest in aprons has come from.  As her collection grew, we began a family tradition of wearing one while fixing Thanksgiving dinner....more

Living on a Budget

Money is a big issue in marriage. It's especially difficult when each spouse has been brought up completely different. Matt and I have worked hard to see the other person's point of view in this area and (so far) have managed to avoid many arguments. Ultimately, we realize that our money belongs to the Lord and we pray about money decisions. This has really allowed us to come to conclusions together without one winning or losing....more

A Contentious Woman


Quality Time in Marriage

Even though we don't have children, Mi Amor and I don't have as much quality time together as we would like due to his being forced to work 60+ hours most weeks. Add other obligations to that and there isn't a lot of time left for just the two of us. As with everything important, you have to make time not find time. Honestly, I think we are doing a pretty good job of making our marriage a priority, but it's difficult. Finding a balance is harder than I expected it to be. Sometimes we want to visit friends or family....more