Mission Log: Seeing Shuttle Discovery at the Udvar-Hazy Center

Photos in this post are from Can't I Just Orbit? There are a lot of places around the country I love for various reasons. I love Pittsburgh for its food and fantastic city culture....more

Roadtrip Rookies: Before you hit the road...

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Trip Tip: Cool Ways to Pack a Cooler

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Pit Stop: Delightful Day Trips

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Road-tested Reviews: The Waze of the Road

Though my husband and I are veteran roadtrippers these days, there was, in fact, a time when we traveled without a GPS. Or at least, with a less than adequate one. Let me tell you, there is little more terrifying than driving through I’m-not-really-sure-where, Georgia, in the middle of the night when your GPS decides your course is now somewhere in the Atlantic....more

Mission Log Flashback: Chicago IL, 2008

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Pit Stop: What's a Roadtrip?

Image from Can't I Just Orbit?Before I get too far underway with this blog thing, I thought it might make sense to take a second and talk about what exactly a roadtrip is - to me, at least. I suppose everyone has their own definition of what a roadtrip is, and what does or doesn’t count as one, so here’s my own personal definition....more

To infinity, and the road. Er, beyond.

If you want to get to know somebody, you spend time with them. If you really want to get to know somebody, spend six hours trapped in a car with them. And if you really, really want all the gory details, spend twelve.That’s my personal philosophy on travel. (And maybe on people, too, but this is a travel blog.) It all started for me six years ago, when my at-the-time-boyfriend-now-husband and I decided to take off for the weekend and visit a friend in Chicago. Twelve hours away by car. In the middle of winter. What could possibly go wrong?...more