How to Get Out of Jury Duty

My family knows blood. Whether through accidents, falls or roughhousing, my loved ones spill their share of life-giving plasma on a regular basis.  Unlike my husband and kids, I manage to keep the majority of my precious Type O molecules where it belongs....more
Hah. Good luck - let us know how it goes.more

How to Fall in Love With Your Life Again

A friend recently shared her favorite advice for keeping her marriage strong. Her method doesn’t involve sexting or Kegels or kinky sex positions. Instead, whenever she’s feeling disillusioned in her marriage, she literally walks outside of her home and looks in the window at her husband, as if she’s getting a glimpse of a stranger’s life.While I suspect she’s a wannabe voyeur, she swears this technique helps her fall in love with her husband again....more
@OneQuarterMama Yes! I'm much too lazy to have to go far! Outside is just far enough.more

Top 10 Lessons from a Decade of Parenting

This summer, our oldest daughter, Ava, turned ten. That means I’ve officially been a parent for ten years. With a decade of parenting lessons under my belt, I now qualify as a parenting expert. At least in my own mind. ...more
@Kathy K And that's when I'll be calling you! Do you have an emergency teen hotline? ;-)more

Life View of a Five Year Old: Diary Style


Letting Go of End of Summer Pressure

I love countless things about summer:  the sweet juiciness of a ripe peach, the freedom from all the gear necessary to survive Chicago’s other seasons, the hot sun on my car’s black interior. What could be better?Yet every summer I struggle with the pressure to be the poster girl for summer fun....more

The Souvenir Shop Trap: Saying No to Stuff, Saying Yes to Fun

I was fanning my neck with the Shedd Aquarium map, searching the signs overhead for the entrance to the dolphin show, oblivious to the dangers lurking behind me on row upon row of overstuffed, expertly lit shelves. Only when my daughters started dry humping my legs, their squeals of excitement echoing through the crowd, did I turn toward the source of their frenzy. The museum gift shop. ...more
Love the term "bathroom tourist!" I would hate if my kids were that too!more

I Call Dibs On Stacy Keibler's Brain

I’m in awe of Stacy Keibler. Rather than curl up in the time-honored, traditional post-breakup fetal position, George Clooney's ex-girlfriend has been making the rounds of entertainment news shows, charming reporters with quotes like, "I'm someone that's always lived the present moment. I always look at the positive on everything."...more

Please Don't Talk To Me While You're Squeezing My Breasts

No, I don’t mean my husband. (This isn't that kind of story.) I do mean you, Ms. Mammogram Technologist. ...more
@MarciaReich Exactly! Nothing better than being felt up in silence! ;-)more

Do You Ever Avoid Sex?

“Honey, get your cute ass home. I made turkey chili. And I’m horny.”I’ve called my husband of ten years with a version of that message too many times to count. (When I cook, I’m quite good at it. But while my husband would prefer a daily meal, I’m more of a weekly chef.)My urgent messages are mostly in jest. My husband is usually a 40-minute drive away. And... I do want him. In that moment....more
@Falling Down Under Brave. Yes. Wise? Not really sure! ;-)more