World Breastfeeding Week is like Pride Week for my toddler and me.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week to Zofia and me! ...more

Teacher Appreciation Week Poll

As I mentioned in my fruit-sculpture post yesterday this week is teach appreciation week. I am on the board of Athena's school's PTO and we put on a luncheon for them and gave the teacher lounge a Keurig. The year is almost over so this has me thinking end-of-year thanking as well. This is Athena's very first teacher, she really likes her, and watching my child blossom has been an incredible gift. ...more

Fresh Fruit and Watermelon "Cake."

My 5-year-old's very first year of school is coming to a close and this week is teacher appreciation week. These fine people have transformed my baby into a reading, writing, singing big girl STUDENT. She's had the best experience so far and I want them to know the parents are grateful. ...more

A Terrifying Parenting Lesson Learned

Last night I almost lost my toddler, Zofia. Typing that sentence, reliving the moment, is making my hands shake so badly I can barely type. ...more
Scary, scary, scary. I'm glad she's ok.more

How do some parents do it all?

I've got it pretty good. This I know. Things have changed a little bit with Athena starting school and me dipping my toes back into real estate, but a typical 24 hour period for me goes a little something like this now: ...more

I've never actually wished death on someone before...

I've never come right out and said, "I wish he would die" before, but for the first time yesterday I said it would be better if he did... or if any of the three did. ...more

A 5 year old learns to appreciate her dad's work.

(Athena holding her cookie dough fundraiser brochure. Want some?!?! I'll ship it!) ...more

What do I do with these feelings? - Down the Rabbit Hole of My Brain

It's easy for me to get lost within myself. A comment uttered, a story read, and I'm stuck deep within the recesses of my brain. I'm dark and emo like that. I've fallen down the rabbit hole. I'm spinning and falling past pictures of me smiling. Pictures of me with lighter hair and one brown eye and one blue. Pictures of me, my mom, and a happy, regular family ...more
@bigcitybelly we're TALKING about it!more

Panic: A Second Baby Was Never in the Plans

Many of us blogger moms write beautiful, wonderful stories about the births of our children. They're stories filled with happy tears, love, and smooshy newborns. A recent tweet from my friend Keli got me thinking: Sometimes the stories start a little sooner and aren't all unicorns farting rainbows. Sometimes they're more PANIX AND SWEAR WORDZ AND MOAR PANIX! ...more
yep- nine "surprises"- see belowmore