building blacks, part 3: inspired

Now that I am on the third post of this series (part 1 here, part 2 here explanation kind of all over the place... reasoning to come), I must say that building a black wardrobe (moreso, learning how to accessorize an all-black outfit) is easier than I originally thought.  Easy like learning how to snowboard or how to land a perfect triple lutz....more

building blacks, part 2: accessories

Anticipatory Set: I know, I know... productivity is down this week.  I am in a tough bout of stressing and hating my job pretty much all the time.  At least today was my last reevaluation conference of the year so there is at least one dim, blinky Christmas light at the end of the tunnel. But!... Happy note!: I am about to get dressed for my belated Valentine's date with Paul tonight......more

building blacks, part 1: coloring with belts and dresses i lust after

A few days ago I asked for your advice on how to accessorize an all-black wardrobe.  I'm still not sure exactly where to go with that idea.  Hence, a series: Building Blacks. You know... like building blocks... only... blacks... okay, okay, I know you get it, I'm cheesy. I digress. ;) (I should really stop using emoticons in my everyday internet life but I just can't... I grew up in the era of AIM and MSN messenger.  Emoticons are just staple territory.)  ...more

1.23 - daytime wedding

EDIT for BlogHer: I chronicle some of my daily duds at  To see previous posts, pop on over!  I am a high school teacher and a new(ish), young wife and mother....more