Rapunzel Party Series -- Part 3: Clothing

Welcome back to my Rapunzel party series! For part 3, we are focusing on the clothing. I decided to make the birthday girl her very own Rapunzel skirt using sheets and some quilting cotton.I used sheets to make the table runner (I used sheets because the only Rapunzel fabric I could find was fleece or flannel) and I had enough left over to make a skirt ....more

Book Review: The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman -- ★★★★

To make dull activities a bit more exciting (think cleaning, driving, exercising), I like to listen to audiobooks. Actually, my whole affair with the Harry Potter series...more

Completed: Butterick B5367 View B + Makeup Bag

I made a bag! Can you believe it? I can't ....more

Book Review: The House Girl, by Tara Conklin -- ★★½

I pulled this book off of the HOT fiction shelf at the library, along with Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker. ...more

Rapunzel Party Series -- Part 2: Desserts and Decorations

Welcome back to the Rapunzel Party Series! In this installment,...more

Book Review: This Distant Hours, by Kate Morton -- ★★★

Another three-star book review, you say? Hmmmm, another KateMorton book? ...more

Completed: Lily Bird Studio 'Shorts with Pockets' Pattern

More sewing projects coming at you! This summer (if you can even call it that -- seems like it has yet to begin and ironically, it's almost over) I've been holed up in my craft/sewing room most nights feverishly working on a new project. I found myself up there so much that my husbands wanders up saying, "What are you doing in here?"It reminds me of the way I used to read books as a little girl, when I was supposed to be cleaning my room or doing some other mundane chore ....more

Rapunzel Party Series -- Part 1: Invitations

I can hardly believe we just celebrated my oldest's daughter's sixth birthday. It feels like just yesterday I was waddling around moaning, saying I couldn't wait for her to get out of me. And here she is: six years old ....more

Book Review: The Death of Bees, by Lisa O'Donnell -- ★★★

Source The books I write posts about are really only books that I think someone should spend their time reading. Unless it's so horrific that I am worried you may spend your time reading it and it really, really, just shouldn't be read. I just finished The Death of Bees, by Lisa O'Donnell and at first, I couldn't quite figure out if this one made the cut ....more

Completed: New Look Skirt 6192, View B

My first skirt! In April, I told you to watch for a post coming soon about the orange polka dot skirt you spied in the corner of the picture. And here it is, June, two months later and I'm just getting to posting this! ...more