The Art of Bipolar

Writing has saved me. I cannot tell you how healing its medicine is, and what a release it is to be able to let go of all of these dormant, rotting thoughts left inside for far too long. I know that words have saved me before, when I was younger - back when I would relay my suicidal sufferings through stream-of-consciousness writings, or stay up all night, writing my simple poetry. Those simple poems were my simple savior. For whatever reason, writing is the form of art that forces its way through, demands to be seen, and accepts no resistance that I may put up against it....more

The Kindness Litmus: How You Treat Your Waitress

In reply to WP Daily Prompt: Random Act of KindnessTell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?Photographers, artists, poets: show us SECRET.  ...more

Excerpts From Diaries Past - Tuesday December 28, 2010

This is a series that I will add to every once-in-a-while. I will post old diary entries, modified slightly so as not to reveal me or my family's identity or exact location,etc....more

His Remains (bipolar poetry)

To Linda:...more

Emotional Clean-Sweep

Right now I'm in the process of doing something that I've once said I don't do - cleaning my house. Only, it doesn't feel like cleaning my house. It feels like cleaning my soul - making a clean-sweep of all of my emotional baggage - that I've been lugging around for several years now. ...more
roseredstories - So true! I'm trying not to do that right now too, since I'm usually always ...more

Imagination or Knowledge?

In reply to the NaBloPoMo Prompt for:Monday, December 16, 2013Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Do you agree or disagree?...more

Numbed to Dead - (poetry)

NaBloPoMo December '13 - day 15...more

My Role of Rescuer - To My Drama-Addicted Family

I have been assigned the duty of rescuer, in my family. Well, I assigned myself that duty, I suppose. ...more

Ignorant Intelligence

In reply to the NaBloPoMo Prompt: Friday, December 13, 2013George Bernard Shaw said, "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." Do you agree or disagree? I prefer to keep my articles religiously-neutral, but this quote from George Bernard Shaw reminds me so much of some scriptures in the Bible, I can't help myself. The first scripture that popped in my head was 1 Timothy 6:20,21 - where Paul was talking to Timothy, and said:...more

Tiny Diamonds...A Love Story

My husband proposed to me with the most simple, modest diamond. It was definitely not the stunner I was hoping for (or foolishly even expecting), but there was no way that I would ever have said no to that one question that would change both of our lives forever. Even though, in my egotistic pride, I have since made fun of him for that tiny diamond (since I knew he could have afforded a bigger one) - I still would never trade it - even if given the chance now....more