How to Make a Patriotic Wood Ruler Basket

I’m so excited to share my patriotic wood ruler basket with you today my friends! Can you even believe that it’s almost Memorial Day? And does anyone else feel like the month of May is trying to kill them? ...more

Weekend Wonderings

Does anyone else feel like the month of May might actually be the busiest month of the year? I always thought it was December but I now think that Spring is more insanely crammed with activities especially if you have school-aged children. It’s like the powers that be are wanting us to be REALLY ready for summer ....more

Bi-fold Shutter Doors Turned Entry Decor

I’m so excited to be kicking off a fun new series today with some of my favorite thrifty blogging friends and sharing with you how I transformed an old pair of bi-fold shutter doors into a fresh new look for my entry. But first, let’s just get real here for a minute. Do you ever stress decorate? ...more

About Mother’s Day

Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice: mourn with those who mourn.” This is what we do on Mother’s Day. Because, my friends, it IS actually possible to feel two emotions at the same time. This is a concept that has taken me years to grasp and was particularly difficult when I was in a season of mourning on Mother’s Day while everyone else seemed to be rejoicing ....more

Make Room For What You Love

*this post contains affiliate links I’m so thrilled to be joining an AMAZING group of bloggers today as we celebrate the release of Melissa Michael’s brand new book, ‘Make Room For What You Love‘. This latest book from Melissa (visit her at The Inspired Room) is such a natural extension of her previous books, ‘Love the Home You Have’ and ‘The Inspired Room’. I am such a firm believer in the connection between our homes and our spirits ....more

Weekend Wonderings

Have you ever seen a home on the internet and gone back to look at it over and over again because there were just so many elements you knew you wanted to try and incorporate into your own home? That’s how I felt when I took the tour of this house featured on Life on Virginia Street. It’s slightly more neutral than I go in my decor but I still absolutely love it ....more

Tips for a Peace-Filled Home

*Get caught up on the previous installments of the Peace-Filled Home series here* Up until now, we’ve been primarily talking about matters of the heart. We’ve taken a look at our peace-personalities and discussed how we can get to the place where we are willing to change. So now it’s time for some practical tips, don’t you think? ...more

Master Bathroom Tour

Hi there friends, it’s me, Julie from I have some great news to share with you and I’m so excited to be back here At the Picket Fence with you today to show you how our Master Bathroom has changed over the years. I’ve been a little quiet over here because I am preparing for a 6 room photo shoot with “Detroit Home Magazine” ....more

Mother’s Day Brunch Table Setting

I don’t often get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. ...more

My Snowball Tree Love Story

It’s that time of year again when my snowball tree is laden with blooms and reminding me of this sweet story from a couple of years ago....more