Anderman's Superhero Birthday Party

Anderson wanted a superhero party for his 4th birthday, and we made it happen. Anderson had such a good time with his friends and family, and he loved his party. My awesome friend Kassie made Anderson's cake, and it was the perfect cake for our superhero ....more

Happy Birthday, Anderson!

Dear Anderson, Happy 4th Birthday to our Anderman! It doesn't even seem possible that it has been a whole four years since you joined our family. Time really does fly when you are having fun! ...more

Another Baseball Season Is Done

We had Jackson's closing ceremonies the other night for his baseball season. He played first base for the Phillies and ended up with 8th home runs this season, and a career total of 20 home runs! Jackson's coach was Scott Snow again, and I hope we get him again next year ....more

Summer Starts With A Bang!

So it's been forever and a day since I blogged, but I'm back! We are officially done with 3rd grade (more on that tomorrow), finished with baseball for the season, and as of last night, finished with missions for the summer.Whoooo-hooooo! Welcome to summer!Except that Jeremy broke his hand on Tuesday night....more

Mother's Day Weekend in Review

We had such a great weekend! Jeremy's parents came in from Hattiesburg, MS to watch Jackson's baseball game on Friday night, and Jackson ended up making his 6th home run of the season! His team lost the game, but we were so proud of our ball player! ...more

Home Run Kiddo!

Jackson had team pictures and a baseball game last night, and was upset that Jeremy would be out of town and unable to see him play. Before the game he said, "Mom, how about you video me when I'm at bat so Daddy can still get to see me play." I told him that I would be happy to do that, and proceeded to camp out right behind home plate at Jackson's first time at bat.Imagine my absolute delight when I caught Jackson scoring a home run on video! He hit a line drive to right field and rounded first base easily ....more

I Survived! Again!

So I officially survived my 2nd tax season working at an accounting firm. For a little while yesterday it was questionable if I would actually make it. I was still filing extensions at 4:30, but at 4:55, I called it a day and went to our company's tax party where we enjoyed a few cold drinks (I had a few cold cokes), appetizers, and a beautiful view of the Alabama River....more

Bases Loaded

Jackson had his first game for this baseball season on this past Tuesday night. He is number 13 for the Phillies, and he did so good! He is alternating between first base and pitching this season, and I'm excited to see what he learns.During the first game Jackson scored a run at his first at bat, was tagged out making a mad dash for home on his second at bat, and caused me to grow 3 new gray hairs at his third at bat.Picture this....The game is tied 11-11 ....more

A Week of New Stuff

A week of new stuff. So it seems as though we are almost ready for spring at our house. The boys have new matching Easter shirts and shoes ....more

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Anderson wanted to play with my phone on the way to school this morning. The result was 64 pictures that look just like these. Good thing he is so cute! ...more