Skijoring with Horses- Winter Family Fun

Scrapbooking Your Reunion with Digital Photo Books

After we’ve played all the reunion games, roasted all the marshmallows, sang all the songs and I’ve taken 700 pictures of the action, I can hardly wait to get back home and see what amazing pictures I’ve taken of my family reunion.  I load my pictures on my computer and begin to make a family reunion DIGITAL scrapbook....more

Roasted Peeps

What  a surprise I received Saturday when I dropped by my Mother-in-laws house.  She had invited a few of her great-grand children over  for an Easter celebration and they were having a grand old time roasting PEEPS marshmallow candies over an open fire. ...more
That's one of those "foods" my husband and I argue about. He gives it to the kids, I tell him ...more

Saddle Up For an Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback

Our Stewart family’s horseback Easter egg hunt has become a tradition that we have celebrated for the past seven years, ever since we moved to Bear River City.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays and horses are my favorite animal, so it just seemed natural to put them together....more

Baby, Bronco, Backpack- a Fun Party Game

Baby, Bronco, Backpack If you’re looking for a fun game that any number of people can play and that doesn’t need a lot of advance preparation or props then “Baby, Bronco, Backpack” is the game for you.Gather your group together and have them split into groups of two.  It’s usually best if groups are fairly evenly matched- same size and strength etc. but mismatched teams can add to the fun.Explain the three poses teams must be able to form. ...more

Unusual Reunion and Party Mementos

 Unusual Family Reunion Memento Idea...more

April Fools Pizza Cake

April Fools Pizza Cake With a little attention to detail, you can make this "Pizza Cake" look pretty realistic....more
Not that is a nifty trick! I am going to have to keep this under my hat ;)more

Family Reunion Road Rally Scavenger Hunt

A road rally scavenger hunt can be a fun activity at your next family reunion or party.  A road rally scavenger hunt is really nothing more than an  scavenger hunt using cars....more

Black Friday- a Family Tradition

For our family, Black Friday shopping is a Thanksgiving tradition as rich as turkey stuffing or pumpkin pie.  We wake before the crack of dawn the morning after turkey day and start hunting down Black Friday bargains....more