Jewelry Set by Iliana Prado – Giveaway

Look at that beauty! This one-of-a-kind set by Mexican designer Iliana Prado is our newest gift to one of our readers! Handmade from different colors and shades of striped agate ....more

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Creamy Spinach and Onion

And Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Creamy Spinach and Onion marked the end of our Spring Break. Sniff… Farewell, Spring Break, that was fun! We’re back to our regular routine of morning madness, rushing to make it to school on time ....more

Disputed Territories and Melting Pots

We humans do not always fit into neat patterns of nationality, ethnicity, tribe or language, so why should our food? Migration, conquest and colonial rule, refugees and population displacement, travel and exploration and modern-day tourism mean that the lines between nationality and gastronomy can be blurred. (...)Read the rest of Disputed Territories and Melting Pots (587 words) © Aunt Clara for Dominican Cooking, 2014. | Permalink | No comment | ...more

Empanaditas Dulces (Fruit Jam Turnovers)

You would think that because I post recipes for desserts so frequently it must mean that I have a sweet tooth. The answer to that is yes… and no. Not to confuse you or anything (I’ll let my grammar do that), but the truth is, savory is my thing ....more

“Surf and Turf” Rice

Few things leave me speechless. If you knew me well you’d agree. I was the kind of kid who probably made her mom wish she were deaf once in a while ....more

Avena Caliente (Oatmeal and Milk Hot Drink)

The best part of keeping this blog, and having it become the de facto digital Dominican kitchen, is that we get to show you recipes that may not longer be as popular in the Dominican homes, but that definitely deserve a revival. They deserve to be shown to the world, and adopted for the wonderful ideas that they are. Whoever came up with the idea of...more

Hand Blender Set

We hadn’t had a giveaway for a while. Unfortunately we were a bit too busy and organizing these takes some time for us. But here we are, and this time we have a very practical hand blender set with chopping and whisking attachment to make cooking time so much easier ....more

Codfish and Potato Fritters

Culture doesn’t stop changing. No part of it does –thank goodness– and that includes a country’s culinary heritage. We may hang on with teeth and nails to nostalgia, but the world keeps travelling at 1070 miles/hr, and dragging us all in this fantastic rollercoaster ride we call life ....more

Lost in Translation – Translating Dominican Staples into English

As part of our tireless quest to bring Dominican cooking and traditions to as international an audience as possible, we do face the occasional challenge. The language barrier, for one. Most of our terminology is straightforward enough – arroz is rice, habichuelas are beans, café is coffee, and so forth ....more

Pork with Vermouth Sauce & Celeriac and Cassava Mash

Nearly every week for years now I have gone into the kitchen and created something new and unique. Sure, sometimes it was just a matter of tinkering with and writing a recipe created centuries before I was born , but there’s always my touch in it. I set the table, and present the food in its best light: natural, approachable, beautiful ....more