My Fitbit is Trying to Kill Me

Drinking + Convertible = Clairvoyant

I was a late bloomer when it came to flirting with alcoholism.  Somehow, I managed to not have a drink until I was 21-- Blame it on the Baptist upbringing.  A couple years after college, two guys friends who had moved off to another town and become Presbyterians-- and thus fans of the booze-- came for a visit.I only had a few hours to spare because I had tickets to the midnight premier of X-Men Origins: Wolverine....more

Stalkers 101: When a Breakup Won't Break

Befriending "The Other Woman"

Remember how I dated a guy twice my age?  Well, his previous relationship spanned a decade.  To keep this saga as professionally incestuous as possible, it turned out this woman actually worked in my building.  I ...more

AT&T: Only the Wrong Survive

10 Signs You're Dating a Gay Guy

Like many of you, I fell prey to the allure of online dating.  After the silver fox forced me to live the plot line of a Lifetime movie, I took a year long dating hiatus.  8 months of that was spent moving, filing police reports and getting a restraining order.  But  as the New Year encroached I felt I was READY.*cue empowering music*...more