Napoleon Complex


Brokeback bunnies


Three down, four to go



My garden is going full tilt right now.Garden?Yes, garden.  In Central Texas, we can garden almost all year long.  Our off season is actually July-September because it's too stinking hot to grow anything but okra.Anyway, I have a lovely bunch of beets that is ready to pull.  Last night I pulled up six or seven and oven roasted them.  When you wrap them in foil, then bake them, the skins slip right off.  I love roasted beets.  And pickled beets ....more

Wonderful Weekend

Normally, one would not consider spending four and a half hours each way in a car with four kids a wonderful way to spend the weekend.  But it was worth it.  Because I got to see my mom, my granny, three of my aunts, and a whole bunch of cousins and nieces and nephews.The icing on the cake?  I also got to see the SGG.  All four of us were together again.  It was so good to get to see ...more

Christmas Eve Confessional

confession time.I'm tired of Santa. Deep down, I really wish someone would rat out the fat ole elf to my little ones so I didn't have to do the whole Santa thing anymore ....more

Merry Christmas from our Herd


What the hell was I thinking?


I just wasted six hours of my life

Yes, I had to take defensive driving.  I did the online one so I could stop and start when I wanted to.  So really, it was more like 8 1/2 hours.  And they required you to take a one hour break.So during that break I went and adopted a new dog.Yes, I'm serious.I will never speed again ....more

We believed

I only thought football season was over.Then our boys made the playoffs.Crap ....more