Patterns and Colors

We went to the Open House at Charlie's school last week and were pleased to see his colored-in picture of a chick (Easter having been.. ....more


We are reading a book called Epitaph For a Peach in my Basic Skills English class. It recounts the season in and season out work.. ....more

As the Bird Flies, Charlie Rides

It's Spring Break for Charlie (no longer for me -- that was last week and a couple of weeks ago and Jim is still on.. ....more

An "Ego Sum Spartacus" Memory

In the midst of writing quiz questions about Spartacus, I recalled how, the other night, I was giving Jim​ good reason to laugh at me.. ....more

Pears Bearing Apples Redux

(Pears Bearing Apples was the title of my dissertation, which I submitted 20 years ago in the Gothic corridors of HGS in the Elm City... ....more


Tuesday was Charle's nth (I have lost count) IEP and the big subject of discussion was his ITP. That stands for Individual Transition Plan. Charlie.. ....more

Still Weather Alert

I probably check the weather in New Jersey more than I do for Berkeley out of deeply-ingrained habit (and because Berkeley weather changes little from.. ....more

I Can't Draw But

Further proof that Dr. Chew Cannot Draw. Evidence from earlier times ....more

Much Missed

Jim misses his pals, Jersey storytellers and real pizza (ok, we have located one place that makes a fair pie). Charlie misses his classmates from.. ....more

If you're going to be an online Classics adjunct

-- and also teach two community college composition courses, it is not a bad idea to get up from your desk and leave the medical.. ....more