How your autistic child can benefit from souvenir shopping

 Souvenir shopping with your autistic  child  Like most parents, I am always searching for new opportunities to  teach my autistic adolescent son useful life skills.I was delighted when I  realized that even the seemingly mundane hobby of souvenir collecting could  actually be beneficial to his maturity....more

Cruising Tips for autistic families

For anyone considering or already booked on a cruise , here are a few useful tips and pointers to help you get the most out of your cruise experience!   Before You Board...more

Five important things you should take care of before booking that next trip

© 2010 autisticglobetrotting .All rights reserved. While planning for your vacation, you should consider these five things first:   #1 Make sure all your family members (including yourself) are healt...more

Why isn't there an international emergency number?

"9-11 what’s your emergency?"        In the United States most toddlers are taught to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency, before they even form their first complete sentence....more

Don't pick on the condiments,play with them!

  From the month our children were born we started taking them to restaurants and introduced them to the noises and smells of different cultures. As they grew older, as many toddlers and preschoolers they loved sampling the various cuisines; waiting to get the foods, however, was a different matter. Like many their age, they inevitably grew bored of the long wait....more

Four simple ways to improve hotels

The old adage goes: "There is always room for improvement". Here is my list of the changes I'd like to see in hotels....more

Removing airport meltdowns from your travel equation

  Part of successful travel with autistic persons is the ability of the care givers to foresee and prepare for those scenarios that can trigger those dreaded meltdowns .Here is the list that I have compiled over the years based on past incidents that has helped us prevent ou...more

The fine art of blending autism and travel

   The first time I was asked by a reader how to start traveling, I thought she was pulling my leg. However, I soon discovered that many families with autistic children really had no idea what to do and how to get the process going....more

Five easy steps to lose weight on a cruise

   As many of you already know I wholeheartedly recommend cruising as a vacation option for families with special needs children. However, I agree with some critics that the biggest drawback is, in fact, the accessibility and abundance of food on board. Even though for most of us putting on a pound or two probably won't make a critical difference, for those taking certain medicines (such as corticosteroids, cyproheptadine, and tricyclic antidepressants) a week's cruise might result in a rather large unhealthy weight gain....more

Princess Tiana's magical autism awareness moment

  Ever experienced a 'down' day when you've felt your work is unnoticed and under appreciated? Well, I had one of those yesterday while stressing over the writing of an article titled, "The benefits of Autistic Travel". And then ...the incredible happened....more