Should You Be Ashamed to be a Geeky Blogger?

[Editor's Note: We celebrate this post in honor of Geek Pride Day.] Credit Image: Pablo Berrera on Flickr...more
I am a total Geek and no longer ashamed to show it. Even being a girl, I love Sci-Fi, especially ...more

My Life as a Single Blogger

For some odd reason, when people take one look at my blog, Edge of Insanity, they automatically assume I am a "mommy blogger" with a kid and a husband. Only when they read my About page do they finally get the idea that I am a single and childless almost-30-year-old blogger. I must have missed the memo that requires deal or frugal living bloggers to have kids or at least a husband. It's not that I don't want a family of my own. Trust me- I do! But in order to have that special family unit, you need to find someone to fall in love with....more