White House Recognizes Nashville Priest Becca Stevens

 Stevens (courtesy of HER Nashville Magazine)...more

Back in the (Former) USSR

I never thought I'd see Moscow again, although I'd been dreaming of the place for fourteen years. ...more

The Artists' "WE"


Crafting as a Cure for Scroogery

The Insanity Workout Wrap-up

Last spring I posted about my husband Hal’s and my harebrained “Let’s get in shape real fast” scheme, buttressed by a 60-day DVD workout plan called Insanity. And insane it was: six days a week, for forty to sixty minutes a day last April and May, we slid a disc into the computer and bounced, heaved, and sweated in unison on the back deck, urged on by the hip-hop-flavored stylings of Shaun T.In a word (or two), it hurt. Bad....more

The ABCs of Loss

When people we love die, we move on with life, because we have to. The closer they were to us, the longer it takes. But eventually, life's dailiness takes over: we set the alarm each day, pour cereal, prune shrubs, feed the cat....more

Amelia Earhart: The Real Deal, or Just Great PR?

No celebrated aviation pioneer’s biography is complete without the following scene: dreamy-eyed tomboy catches her first glimpse of an airplane in a cornfield somewhere, maybe buys a ten-minute flight around the patch for the change in her pocket. Thereafter, her fate is sealed, her gaze ever skyward....more

Unexpected Tailwinds

You don’t always realize it right away when the wind swings around on you.  A number of life’s big changes are wind shears--sudden and sometimes catastrophic. But more often, it seems to me, your journey shifts imperceptibly, a strengthening crosswind gradually changing your course....more

She Takes Care of the Caregivers - Because It's Worthwhile

The minute I walked into Kate Mills's East Nashvillle home on a hot morning last July, I knew we were going to "get" each other.First of all, she had a delicious bagel ready to go, just for me. Such things never fail to impress.And then there was the house itself: small and simple, personalized with fun colors, interesting artwork, and rickety antiques lovingly spruced up by somebody who doesn't mind spending time on a thing somebody else has thrown away....more

On Being a Regular

Under the tutelage of husband Hal, I learn how to never be just another customer. ...more