The only perspective that matters: Avitable's BlogHer 2010 guide

Plenty of bloggers have been writing handy little guides to BlogHer. But none of those bloggers are me. None of them have my perspective. Nor my back hair. ...more

Well played, uh-vit-uh-ble! See you at BlogHer!

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My interview with #BlogHer09

Crossposted from On Sunday, July 26th, after a short yet productive life, Twitter hashtag #BlogHer09 passed away in the hospital. She spent her entire life selflessly supporting the 2009 BlogHer Conference, and although many people may have found her annoying and a bit overwhelming, she was appreciated by many. As usual, I had the privilege of interviewing the recently deceased hashtag: ...more

A scientific study of the people attending BlogHer.

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Do you have something against one of the hermaphrodite Filipino assassins?more

Getting to Know Avitable

(This post crossposted from On Wednesday, I will be arriving in Chicago to attend a conference of personal/life bloggers that is 95% women. There will be around 1400 people in attendance, and it's likely that less than 10% of those people will have any idea who I am. This means that there will be a lot of people whose only interaction with me will be a brief hello, leaving no real impression of who I am. ...more

I predict you will be BlogHer Famous by the end of Friday.more

Bump - the iPhone app that you MUST HAVE for BlogHer!

This is cross-posted from Let's say that you're hanging out in your office one day when all of a sudden you spy one of your oldest friends. ...more