My Beginning as a Mother


Taking the fear from Childbirth: Starting with our Daughters

Having a baby can be a scary event.  But, does it really have to be?  Does the mother have to feel alone and afraid and on guard that her birth will not go as planned? ...more

I thought a lot about this and really am happy I teach natural childbirth. more

What's in a Name--the Story behind Avocado Baby

 I been away awhile musing in my head what to write lately.  I have a ton of topics coming this month and cannot wait to share them all with you!  First, while I know this is Book Talk Tuesday, but I have a changed for today.  I want to tell you where Avocado Baby came from because so many people have been asking me were did you get that name? ...more

I noticed a typo...sorry! Avocadoes should be avocados....oooppss!! anyone know how to edit your ...more

Book Talk Tuesday~~What your Pediatrician Doesn't Know by Susan Markel MD

When I began my parenting journey, I didn't know exactly what that would bring.  Yes, I knew that I would have sleepless nights and messy diapers.  What I mean is I didn't realize the full responsibilities of being a parent.  Once my daughter was born, I was now thrust into a world I didn't have a nearly enough information about.  I felt lost and alone at times. ...more

Milk Monday~~What can you eat?

Breastfeeding, as we all have heard and read, is the best for your baby.  I don't want to make this post about another "breast is best" lecture.  I want to debunk a myth.  You have to avoid gassy foods, so baby isn't gassy.  I'm referencing an article I recently discovered on  ...more

Our homeschool success with MATH! Free Choice Friday

 So, I know this isn't about birth, but I really have to talk about our greatest success lately with Math. My daughter has had a difficult time getting certain concepts in math; while my middle child is fairly gifted in the math realm.  I have always been on the search for a math program that would appeal to the both of them....more

A Message to the Birth Partner

When I am teaching class, I have moments when I want to talk to my moms labor support person. I think it is important that he feels included in the birth and that he is an integral part of the birth. We, as Childbirth Educators, must help our mothers feel comfortable to express to their support person the kind of help she will need during labor. My idea to help is to create a message to the birth partner.  The birth partner is the mother's main support person during pregnancy, labor, and after birth.**This post is continually palgiriazed by Brio Birth, LLC.  This posting is the original. ...more

Book Talk Tuesday~~~The Go-To Mom's Parents' Guide: Emotion Coaching Young Children

I am always on the search for a good book to help me with my three rambunctious children. They each have their own personalities and abilities. Each day, week, month, and year I watch my children develop their own personalities even stronger. I think I have it all figured out, and then something happens to change it which is why I'm always looking for the perfect go to book. ...more


Your book really has changed how am talking to my children. I'm trying extremely ...more

Milk Monday~~It takes a Village

  Since I'm heading to bed soon and know that tomorrow will be a busy day, I'm posting my Milk Monday post early :) Enjoy! It Takes a Village  ...more

A New Journey

I wish you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had great day relaxing at home.  I got a very unique gift this year from my husband--mushrooms!  I cannot wait to have some home grown shitake mushrooms.  I am very happy he loved his photos. ...more