"Diva in Training"

At my little cherubs weekly sing-a-long today there was a girl with a shirt that said "Diva in Training"....more

The rabbit hole of novel writing

How anyone, in the history of man has ever completed a novel is beyond me.Does any author ever feel that his or her work is truly done? Do you just make the cut at some point and say this is where it will end? ...more
Thank you ladies! I definitely need to sit and do an outline, but I haver a hard time focusing ...more

Glitter scientists, I need help!

Ok, so I've never ventured in to the land of Mod Podge plus glitter before and let me first state, it is absolutely glorious and magical, and it transported me to another land of crafty enlightenment. However, after covering the soles and heels of a pair of shoes in glitter I realized I have no idea how to seal this bad boy off. Do you just walk around shedding glitter until the excess is all gone? Do you tap them viscously against the sides of a table banging the loose glitter off? Is there some kind of sealant? I am at a DIY loss! Oh ...more
Ooh...sorry! I've never worked with glitter. Isn't that something? But I see you've got help on ...more

Life lessons of potty training

The life lessons of potty training could probably be a list ten pages long, so I will try to be concise and keep what I've learned on this journey to diaper-freedom to three main points.1. We are all a work in progress....more
And wait until you meet the other ladies, they are all a "hoot!" And here I'm quoting ...more

Coming to writing

This is a departure from my usual blogging style, but I believe that you will see more "life musings" from me as this blog goes on, as I deepen my private writing, and display a touch of it on here. If you are a writer, an aspiring writer, a blogger who doesn't quite consider herself a writer or someone who has always thought "Wow I have a lot to say but don't know how to get it out" I highly recommend "Coming to Writing", an essay by Helene Cixous. It is not a "how to" book, it does not tell you to set a timer for 15 minutes a day and write your little heart out. It does nothing less t...more
@victorias_view my pleasure! We all have great things to say, sometimes we just have to remind ...more