My Three Favorite Foods: Eggs, Shrimp, & Doughnuts

Since moving to New York, I have noticed a decent number of Mexican-Chinese fusion restaurants scattered all across the city. You heard me right: Mexican & Chinese are together at last. These are places where you can order a chimichanga with a side of egg drop soup, and if you're into it, you can order sesame chicken and ask them to put it all in a flour tortilla ....more

My First Blogging Conference: Alt Summit Recap

“If you have an apple and I have an apple, and we exchange these apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.”...more

That week in June when things were just crazy

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but last week may have been one of the craziest weeks of my life. It was not so much about being busy (though I was busy, but like, who isn't?). It was more about having a substantial series of "firsts." In great ways, in crappy ways, in weird, wonderful ways, last week kind of changed a lot about how I see the world ....more

How Improv Comedy Will Make You a Better Writer, Blogger, and Person

I have no pictures of me doing improv because they would probably look ridiculous, but here I am doing standup at The Stand. The act of blogging can often feel like a completely solitary act -- just you and your computer taking on the world. While the process is definitely independent, the truth is (and you know this already), you are not alone ....more

Am I living up to my childhood expectations?

Sometimes I look at the state of my life, and I wonder what my childhood self would think of me right now. Not that it matters, but I just know that back then I had some pretty rigid expectations for how my life was going to go. For instance, at the age of five, when anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always responded, "Reba McEntire."...Reba.McEntire.Not "a singer." Not "a musician."Reba....McEntire.....................Reba ....more

My Alt Summit Assumptions

As I mentioned previously, I will be hosting a discussion at an upcoming conference in Salt Lake City called Alt Summit. If you're unfamiliar with Alt, don't feel too bad about it. I mean, hey, I didn't even find out about that whole bear lying in a hammock story until just a few days ago, so you're not the only one who needs to catch up on what's what.Truth be told, I'm not exactly an Alt expert ....more

The "Why" of Comedy

A few weeks ago, you may have seen the following image floating around the Internet. These are the notes of a seven-year-old girl planning her first comedy show: Image via As someone who writes material for standup routines on the reg,...more

My #YesAllWomen Post

Look. It's been a big week, full of emotionally-charged news, and I'm just having trouble sitting still right now.Whenever a massive act of violence occurs, there is that sick sensation that gathers in the pits of our stomachs as we try to digest the horrific news. Word of Friday's shooting in Isla Vista was accompanied by that terrible feeling, that deep-down frightening and sad voice that seems to say, "My God, it's happened again." We mourned innocent lives taken by a sick, depraved human being ....more

If I haven't been blogging lately...

I've been a little off-the-grid over the past couple of weeks, blog-wise. Usually when that happens, I return with an apology of some sort. I'll start out with a little joke ("Is this thing on?"), proceed to acknowledge the situation ("It's been positively forever since my last post!"), and I will spend the rest of the first paragraph making some lofty promises ("I assure you, friends, I will never leave you in the lurch again!").But the problem with that whole song-and-dance is that it seems to imply that you even noticed I was gone in the first place ....more

A Public Service Announcement About Breakfast

Did you know that there are people in this world who voluntarily skip out on eating breakfast? Not because they don't have access to it or because they are on some kind of cleanse. They ....more