28 on the 28th: Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Today I am 28 on the 28th. It is also National Kazoo Day ....more

The Ten Percent Myth Debunked: Part 2

{Image source} In case you missed the first installment of ten percent myth debunked click here, get caught up, then come back! Did you have your morning cup of coffee yet? If so, thank your brain ....more

The Ten Percent Myth Debunked: Part 1

{Image source} There’s a myth that’s been circling around and it’s getting out of hand, especially when a movie premise is based solely on it (i.e. Lucy). So lets address it: the ten percent myth. ...more

Cat Brain versus Human Brain: Is My Kitten A Dick?

{Image Source} Great things are coming to this blog space this 2015. After some soul searching throughout this past month of December, I’ve decided that I’m going to make some changes here. ...more

On New Years Resolution and 9 Tips for Success

{Image Source} Happy New Years Eve! {To whom it may apply} Something about this time of year that makes you reflect about your life and it’s current state. Winter is a season for things to slow down, for hibernation, for rest – but it’s the busiest time for my mental state ....more

GTFO: The Sentinelese – The

{Image source} After a meningitis close-call turned out to be a flu that literally gripped me by the neck and turned me into a useless lump for the week, I’m back with an interesting nugget for today’s post. We are fortunate to live in a modern society where most things are very simple; going to the restroom, contacting a family member, nourishing oneself. ...more

Research Corner: How Magic Mushrooms Enlighten The Brain

{Image source} Happy Friday everyone! I’m still recovering from all the Thanksgiving...more

Happy Thanksgiving! What Americans Are Thankful For

{Images source} Between creating the meal plan, cooking schedule, and buying ingredients; I’m pooped already and the holiday hasn’t passed yet. ...more

A Stroll through the Breakers Estate

{Image source} My partner turned 30 a few weeks ago and in celebration of such a big milestone we took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island. ...more

Research Corner: Language is Brain Exercise

{Image source} Welcome to another installment of research corner where I’ll take a break from my regularly scheduled programming and provide you with some current research happenings. ...more