Bon Voygage and Two Good Blog Reads

We are headed to Colorado tomorrow for a reunion with all the Mountain Man relations. I am simultaneously excited to see the his family and the Rocky Mountains again and fairly strung out about traveling with both babes, even though it's only one flight. Wish us luck!Meanwhile, two fun posts from blogs I read on the reg.A Cup of Jo's review of natural deodorants (!): Dinner, A Love Story's slick trick for getting young children to try more vegetables:...more

Cute Tees for Boys and a Sale

I'm not wild about children's clothes with cartoon and movie characters, emblems or logos. ...more

New House: Garden Evolution

This new house has its own set of yard challenges, although not nearly as many as our house on S. 5th Street in Missoula. Remember this? ...more

Summer Supper Essentials

I've been hunting for a great set of melamine plates for suppers outside on our patio and finally found them on One Kings Lane this week. In honor of the solstice and more outdoor meals on these new beauties, I give you our summer supper essentials: If you're grilling steak, this is your marinade:1/3 cup soy sauce...more

Pimento Cheese. Pie.

I have a Pinterest problem. I had so many food pins on one board that the MM started complaining about not being able to find recipes when it was his night to cook.Reader, I subdivided for him.It took a few nights and I haven't felt so dorktastic since I alphabetized my Case Logic CD books in high school. Among new boards for salads, sides, supper and dessert, I made a repeat-worthy food board ....more

Dirty Dozen + 2

Since the local growing season is upon us and we're all buying lots more produce, I'm sharing this as a re-post from my go-to food and cooking blog, Food52. These lovely photos to illustrate the Environmental Working Group's original Dirty Dozen...more

Ford, Almost Three

May 2013 Growth and change in our little ones mostly sneaks up on us bit by bit. But sometimes they have huge developmental leaps seemingly overnight. About this time last year, Ford went from only saying a half-dozen words to chatting up a storm in the space of a week or two ....more

New House: Breakfast Nook

Our kitchen is just...more

Spring Beauties

One of the realities of new motherhood is how quickly the "pregnant glow" fades to dark under eye circles, dull skin and thinning hair. Going through that during a long, cold, dry winter made my skin look even more tired. There's no substitute for getting enough sleep, especially uninterrupted (5 hours straight would feel amazing), but since that's not how new babies roll, here are two new items I've been using to fake looking well-rested: When J ....more

New House: Guest Room Evolution

This project was slow to evolve from vision to nearly finished, but with our first house guests here this week (the MM's parents), we had to wrap it up! My mama played a big part in creating a gracious (albeit small) space. After spending a few nights in the room after Eleanor arrived, she had a good idea of what we still needed to make it welcoming and comfortable ....more