How Babysitting Changed My Views on Relationships

Yesterday, I had the chance to look after 4 beautiful kids and got very surprised by how I felt afterwards. I did a pretty damn good job running after them in my flat, which is set up for a single chick, in all honesty; but the whole experience opened up something in me that I never thought was there – suddenly I felt and I’m thinking that it would be great to have a family. Does it mean that I am ready?>>>>...more

What I'm learning from online dating the second time around

Online dating is really not a new thing, in this day and age and as you know, I have tried this route of making my selection before and went through a whole lot of mess....more

Our Society and the Single Woman

I honestly did not realise how the general society see single and successful women. Honestly I didn’t, no not at I don’t have a partner / boyfriend or husband and no I don’t have any children either! In our world and our society, somehow, one way or the other, the never married, singletons in their late 30′s are viewed just a little bit differently.>> Continue here >>>>>...more

Sleeping with the Enemy

The road of dating is filled with fun, so much fun as you know..The whole path of ‘wooing’ and being ‘wooed’ , as colloquial as I can possibly be , is equally pleasing for men and women Real men who are onto something, enjoy the process.Who doesn’t want to discover something new, fresh and of good value? And real women also like to take their time to discover what they’re getting into. After all, ‘hooking’ up with someone these days goes way beyond a brief hanky panky between the sheets moments. Which means WiseGirls usually take their time in making big decisions....more

This is why I believe it will work for Tiger this time around..

I must say that I am superbly happy for Tiger Woods, and this time I think it will work.. Why? ...more

Private Matchmaking - Is It Just Lunch!?

I can’t seriously recollect how I got to hear of them actually, it must have been a reference from one of these popular shows, I’m not sure but in any event….. these ladies (sure most of the Dating Directors are ladies) have done themselves a really good service by broadly popularising It’s Just Lunch!. They’ve been on every TV show and have been featured in almost every glamourous magazine that you could find under the sun! You name it, Forbes, Oprah,>>>>...more

The Ups and Downs of Dating Younger Men

Yes, they’re attractive, full of life and well, give me something more to laugh about and learn but the good fortune of dating a relatively younger guy is, how do I put this for you to understand, requiring me to develop new set of skills if the hope that two will eventually become one will ever come to pass.   Continue To Read >>...more

Age ain't nothing but a number

I’ve always toyed with the idea of dating younger guys but have somehow held back from going that way… But there is something about turning 30(xx) which will make you go, sod it, take the step anyways! And I’m glad the brave gene kicked in once again, because it’s fun right now. How much younger you ask? Well.. he’s tethering around his 30th birthday, may be shy a year or two (blush blush).. Not that bad huh?<<Continue Reading>>...more

Handle Your Business

For after all it is your business! One of my greatest peeves with our kind (women) is that for some odd reason we do have a core need to self disclose to all and sundry? Don’t ask me why, for I am also at fault. It is even worse when we meet a new guy!! Why we choose to focus on the negative or most unattractive thing (s) about us when self disclosing, I also do not know!! Continue Reading>>>...more

Help US Understand Dating Better!

 WiseGirls and WiseMen, all over the world are giving us their take on dating!!! Some are already married, some still dating, and some are in a stable relationship! Would you help us?...more