The Nigerian Woman: Modern, Empowered and Unequal

Every once in a while I read a very insightful or inspiring article in the Nigerian media. In his column last week - Modern, empowered and unequal - Babatunde Ahonsi puzzled over the fact that although Nigerian women have come a long way in terms of education, exposure and career, they do not all seem to be aware of the power that this brings them and thus encouraging the idea of female inferiority. He writes: ...more

A Run Towards the Cure

I had such fun last weekend. I participated in a charity walk to raise money for breast cancer prevention. A Run Towards the Cure was organised by Children Survival and Development of Nigeria (a nonprofit organization founded by Mrs. Onari Duke) and The American International School of Lagos, in conjunction with the Passionately Pink program through the Susan G. Komen foundation (a U.S. based foundation that has made historic gains in the fight against breast cancer). ...more

Bar Camp Nigeria

... based on the 'un-conference' style of similar Bar Camps, like those in Kenya and Tanzania. An un-conference is an informal gathering of professionals and enthusiasts for a period of learning and sharing. It differs from the typical conference where information generally flows from presenters to participants, and rather takes a more participatory approach. This will be the first Barcamp held in Nigeria and the details are: Date: Saturday, April 25 2009 ...more