A Spirit In Retreat - My Days with Alex and Alice

My day with Alex and Alice (a spirit in retreat)Things must be out of order I said to myself as I headed north for a 2 day meditation retreat. ...more

Healing the wHOLE

  I am writing to a bunch of daily heroe's about another inspirational person who has brought new attention to the tx of cancer  - - Her name is Kris Carr, she has a site Crazy Sexy Life, Oprah did a multi-hour special on her on the OWN network;  Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra are some...more

Is Money The Biggest Motivator?

If you haven't watched any video clips by RSA.org you're in for a treat. In this clip they entertain us with brilliant animation to bring to life Daniel Pink's reporting on the latest Motivation Studies and Research. In particular, the work coming out of MIT pays homage to our very human skills when it comes to MOTIVATION!...more

The Inquisitive Malcontents Joy Diet

I do not take this “happy” project lightly.  I rather like my dry sense of humor, which makes me laugh or at least chuckle, yet I feel a yearning to be more lighthearted.  I can ("should") reach for more?! ...more

Woodstock & The Art of Resilience

The little town that could (Woodstock, NY) hosted a writers weekend incorporating a discussion on the art of resilience, doesn't this seem fitting! The charming panel read from some of their work, shared with humor and poignancy their creative tales on how they keep it all together (more often than not.) There were a few jewels that I thought spoke to the art of resilience, whether or not we are writers.  I think these make great journaling questions for anyone still doing their morning pages:...more

Are We Learning Through Joy or Sorrow

 "I have learned through sorrow, and now I wish to learn through joy." (Alan Cohen) This quote will not be shocking to many, but my light bulb moments often come after  I have read or experienced the same thing, over & over again, and this time, walla!There is a goal I've been working on in '2012, to bring joy, or see joy, in the every day. So far, I've forgotten this mantra more times than not....more

A Cup Of Self-Love: Art of Resilience

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” Jim Rohn.When everything is going smoothly, being resilient is probably not on your radar. Yet when the proverbial sh*&t hits the fan, we assume our resilient toolbox will be available and full. Taking the time to hone resilience skills is similar to practicing driving, before you actually take the driving test....more

Is Perception Blocking Your Success?

I met so many wonderful people yesterday working at Tory Johnson’s Women For Hire event in NYC.   With limits on time (rapid coaching style) we spoke about ambition, next steps and “what I’d really like to do is…” as we managed to fit these words into a resume that functions.Tory’s morning opener, spoke about the same subjects we talk about here at aworkinglifecoach.  The power of your belief system and how it translates into your words and actions.  The Power of Your Perception....more