Evan at Seven

Evan my sweet, ball of fire, never ending source of entertainment. Evan my Joy. I cannot believe you are seven. Seven years ago you came bursting into my life.  How you were not Baby A I'll never know.  It is possible that you were pushing, kicking, and talking at Ryan so hard he just had to come out.  ...more

Ryan at Seven

Ryan my loving boy.  You are seven today. How is that possible.  Seven years ago, I didn't know if you would live, let alone become the wonderful child you are today. Seven years ago today was the scariest, most wonderful day of my life because you and your brother made your grand entrance way too early.  I should have seen that as a foreshadowing of your constant early wake ups! ...more

I guess the healing begins around year seven

I was in Savasana in yoga today and I realized something.  It is March 30th! Two days and Seven years ago, my life was changed forever. For the past six years March 28th has been frought with angst, sadness and shortness of breath. This year, it seems to have passed without event.I still don't watch the NCAA Tournament like I used to. At the start of it, I felt a bit angsty, I knew it was that time of year again, ...more

Sometimes the rules don't matter. (and, I need to remember that)

It is 2 o'clock in the morning and I am feeling pretty rotten.In the past few weeks I have had a couple of incidents of bad parenting.  Today was a gigantic fail.  Epic.Today I got so wrapped up in "the rules" that I forgot that my boys are only 6 (almost 7) and that they are enthusiastic and that they enjoy life to the fullest ....more

PTSD and the Preemie Expreience

A friend, NICU mom times two posted this link on Facebook this weekhttp://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/25/health/25trau.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&The story states that parents who have experienced the NICU may suffer from PTSD like symptoms.We. Absolutely. Do ....more

Some Recent Funnies

These kids crack me up.During sharing, early in the year, the boys had to share something about their heritage.  I wrote their middle names in Japanese for them and we talked about being Japanese and Norwegian.During their sharing, one of their friends said, "I didn't know you were Japanese"  to which Evan responded, hands flung in the air, "I KNOW!!!!! We JUST found out!"Their teacher Ms. Erin, laughed so hard she cried ....more

Reading Ryan

So this transition into first grade has been seamless.  The boys LOVE their teacher, and I do as well.  She is thoughtful about her lessons, she is dedicated to her kids, she is funny, sarcastic, and an amazingly patient teacher. Evan has been reading for some time now.  It really clicked with him.  He is reading books at about a third grade level, but I find that he can sound out just about any word that follows traditional rules.  Scary, I ...more

Hold them closer tonight

When I heard the news today that a gunman had opened fire on an elementary school, my heart sank, then it shattered, then it beat out of my chest until I wanted to throw up. I cannot begin to imagine the immense pain and grief all of the parents in Newtown are experiencing.  When I think about them, I cannot help crying. When I see those little faces I cannot breathe. When I see the parents clutching their safe children, ...more

Growing up Foodie

I know I've talked about this before, but raising foodie kids has its upside and its downside.I know that I did this to myself.  I encourage my children to try anything and everything!  I take huge pride in the fact that my kids love the obscure, the non-traditional kids fare. I do also remember a time when all I could get them to eat was crunchy food or hot dogs. Last night, while playing for legos, waiting for me to finish ...more

My throat tightens a little just thinking about it.

A preemie mom friend of mine posted a link on Facebook to a blog of a preemie mom this week.  The "Dear New NICU Mom" post was actually a post by another preemie mommy blogger. These Mommies are only about 3 years out from their NICU experience, and reading through their blogs, I can recall it all so very clearly. The absolute terror of RSV, the realization that they are all suffering PTSD, all of these things they blog about, ...more