The people in our village

Kiddo is still doing fabulously (his teacher called him his "shining star," which believe me, no other teacher has ever called him ever), and we're delighted and still a little baffled by it. The thing is, a lot of people are helping kiddo, and that's making all the difference.As generally great as he's been in school, he still has the occasional mini-meltdown when he has to get on the bus in the morning, especially if he feels like he didn't get enough playtime with the other kids. One of the boys threw an arm around his shoulders this morning and walked him down the sidewalk, helping him get to the bus ....more

The merry-go-round of nothing getting done

So first, watch this bit from John Oliver, because he says it better than I ever could., all done? Heartbreaking, right? Now then.It is exasperating beyond belief to me that the only time anyone says anything about mental health issues is right after another shooting ....more

Knocking on wood, crossing fingers

Because still, so far so good. I met kiddo's teacher at Back to School Night and he seems smart, thoughtful, well informed and committed to working with his kids and helping them succeed. (Also SO young ....more

So far, so good

Both kids had a positive first week of school. And let me assure you, I have never written that sentence before. But kiddo's new teacher seems to focus on his good points, moreso than his bad points, and is focusing on heading off any potential meltdowns so that kiddo can get classwork done ....more

Catching up, looking ahead

I never got why some parents so eagerly counted down to the first day of school, but obviously that was because I was still working full time. Now, I get it. School is starting, hooray.It is amazing how they manage to make every surface of the house into a toy container ....more

ADHD is not a moral choice

But apparently a lot of grownups still think it is. I have no idea how else to explain why a school resource officer in Kentucky decided to handcuff an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, both of whom have ADHD, on separate occasions because they wouldn't listen and they were getting physically aggressive. A school administrator took a video of the boy sitting there in handcuffs, crying -- for 15 MINUTES -- and now the kids' parents and the ACLU are suing over it.Again, an 8-year-old boy with special needs was left sitting in handcuffs for 15 minutes ....more


Kiddo is fine, except when he isn't. That is, he's fine until something upsets him, and then he says mean things and is generally unpleasant to be around. That's the pattern these days.DH and I have figured out that if he's having a meltdown, he's either tired or hungry or both ....more

The tadpole saga

Our neighbors were traveling abroad. I volunteered to babysit their tadpole.It was a symbolic tadpole. The kids were supposed to release them once they became frogs ....more

Last day countdown

Today is the last day of school. Today was also kiddette's class writing presentation. I thought it started at 9:30 ....more

The changeling

It's hard to know how to handle a kid who changes all the time.Sometimes he's a sweetie who likes to give hugs. Sometimes he's the kid who cheerfully went along with me to the farm for CSA pickup last week, helped me pick out the veggies on our list, and ran along the ground to marvel at the rows of potatoes he helped plant.And then sometimes he's the kid who kicks his teacher, throws things, and runs out of the room so he doesn't have to do his classwork.We're not entirely sure which kid we're going to get on which day. Sometimes he gets dressed without a problem ....more