Orange Polenta Cake with Almond & Oat Streusel

Dwight left this morning and will be gone for a week. He went to Atlanta to take care of our taxes and see his family. I can’t say I am happy that he left, but I am glad that I’ll be able to catch up with the 3-weeks of blogging that I missed while I was in Chicago ....more


Chicago has been my favorite city in the U.S. since the first time I visited it more than 10 years ago. Since then, I have been there many times. A couple of times, I even came pretty close to moving there, but unfortunately regardless of how much I wanted to call it home my attempts...more

Crispy Potato Cake with Garlic and Thyme

I must be the only person in Chicago wishing for it to snow. It has been a week since I came here and it only snowed once. Understandably, people I met here are sick of the cold weather and looking forward to the spring ....more

Plum Galette

Lately, I have been dreaming about Paris a lot. A romantic getaway, where I would stay at a charming bed and breakfast overlooking the silhouette of the Eiffel tower while waking up to the smell of freshly baked croissants every morning. I would eat my way through the city, one strawberry tart at a time, at every delicious patisserie sprinkled around the city ....more

Braised Lamb Shanks with Mustard and Gremolata

When I was growing up, my mom used to always say, “Every woman should have a go-to dinner recipe for special occasions”. For her, a “special” dinner was the kind of meal that you would cook for your in-laws, your husband’s boss, or simply when you needed to impress someone. This braised lamb shank was one of those recipes that fit the bill perfectly – which is why she made it for dinner for mine and Dwight’s first night in Turkey when we travelled home for our wedding ....more

Weekend Links and Inspiration

Hope you are having a lovely Valentine’s Day....more

Braised Chicken Thighs with Mushrooms and Almond Puree

The grocery shopping experience when you are living on a small island such as ours is much different than the one you would have in a large city. First of all, you do not have the luxury of knowing what you will be able to find before actually stepping a foot into the supermarket. This is especially true when it comes to fresh produce ....more

Miguel’s Chocolate Fondant

The hotel that my husband works at, Rosewood Little Dix Bay has an upscale restaurant called Sugar Mill. It is one of the handful of restaurants that is considered to be fine dining on our small island. Right out on the beach, Sugar Mill is our place of choice for a special occasion that I personally cannot recommend enough if you ever visit Virgin Gorda ....more

Weekend Links and Inspiration

If you ever come to Virgin Gorda and you are into photography, I highly recommend visiting The Baths. Aside from being the number one tourist attraction of the British Virgin Islands, it...more

Banana Cake with Caramel Frosting

I have to admit – I am not much of Valentine’s Day kind of person. I believe that if you love someone you should show it everyday of the year. With that being said, I do not mind a good excuse to bake a cake that looks and tastes yummy ....more