Let Me Pitch You

I've been put on some sort of list for PR releases, and I have to tell you guys, every time I get these pitches I take a look around this blog and wonder who they think you are.In case you're interested, there is a resort opening in Fiji, a new safari open tent option in the Northern Serengeti, a great irrigation project launching someplace in Idaho, and a woman who has the secret to being happy (it's a different woman/doctor/fellow everyday.) ...more


Live Positively Conference at Coca Cola

Last month Coca Cola invited me to a mini-conference in Atlanta. I had the chance to connect with other mothers over two days of sessions covering everything from branding, product development, Coca-Cola initiatives, and women in leadership. I didn't really know what to expect, but came away impressed with some of the great things these women are doing and with a better understanding of how Coca-Cola conducts business.Also, there were all the drinks you could ever want at any time ...more

Housewives in the Time of Cholera

I should have been in bed hours ago, but I can't bear to sleep while the house is so quiet and I'm alone, so why don't you and I talk? ...more

The Schmubbleyew

I'm in Atlanta for a few days at a small conference being hosted by Coca Cola, Live Positively. I've had the chance to connect with some old friends, new friends, and, presumably, make new enemies. More on the cool things I'm learning later.We're staying at a hotel downtown that rhymes with schmubbleyew, and since Jen lives a mere 2 hours away, instead of 5 days away, she came to meet me for dinner. The hotel is so fancy, the shower is ...more

Apple Cider Donuts


Recipe for Runzas

Several years ago, my friend Lisa described moving to Utah to school from the Midwest. What she, and her friend Wendy missed most about Nebraska were the cabbage and hamburger-stuffed buns called runzas. Runzas are kind of like Hot Pockets, but are actually tasty and not horrid. They tried many times to replicate their memories of a soft, almost sweet dough with savory filling, only to fail time after time. It was my turn to bring Lisa dinner after the birth of her ...more

Delicious Delights to the Web

My friend Morgan, from One More Moore, is trying to turn her awesomeness into webisodes.Morgan has always dreamed of her own cooking and crafts show, but unlike most people who think they want to do such a thing, she'd actually be great at it ....more

Lower Lights New Album

True confession time: I have had the new Lower Lights album sitting next to my computer for two months, maybe even longer, since all time has slipped away into a crazy whirlpool ....more