Forty - Yep the Big 4-0

My sister turned 40 yesterday.  That means I am getting much older. I remember when she was born.  It was back in the day of Dads-to-be pacing a smoke filled waiting room.  My step-dad was puffing like a freight train on his pipe.  He was just shy of his 35th birthday and this was his first child. ...more

Daytime TV - Vampires -Surgery Recovery

I am bored.  I am tied to staying in bed as much as possible and doing NOTHING (yes all caps in my post operative instructions) for at least two weeks after surgery.  It has been a week and a day.  I can only nap and watch daytime TV so much. Don't get me wrong, I like that I can watch NCIS, Law and Order, Bones and movies during the day.  I have never  been a Soap Opera person.  My mother used to watch Days of Our Lives every day.  She never missed an opportunity to watch her stories.  My great-grandmother was the same.  But I was never hooked except for..... ...more

Thoughts on Post Surgery

Well it has been two days since my surgery. And I cannot believe how freaking tired I am. I have had surgery before - two c-sections - a partial hysterectomy - shoulder repair plus a few others. And I don't remember being this tired.  I feel like a large lump of goo. I am not good at recovery.  I am not good at laying in bed waiting for my body to heal.  Yes I know it is necessary.  Yes I know I don't want to screw this up. Yes I know I have to behave.  But I suck at it!!! ...more

Vaginas, Bladders and Baby Motels

I had a partial hysterectomy 20 years ago.  No more Baby Motel for me.  And I did the happy feet dance. No mourning the loss of my womb for me. No more severe bleeding, monstrous cramps, needing a wash cloth to clean up at tampon changing and no more birth control. I never embraced my monthly cycle as a validation of my womanhood. I saw it has a huge pain in the.....neck.  I have two children, now grown.  I was a great pregnant person but a lousy baby deliverer.  I had two c-sections.  I attempted a vaginal delivery with my second child but it was a no go. ...more

Is a Fairy Tale a love story?

Fairytales wind deeply through the very fabric of my family.  Almost as deeply as the constant love song of food, cooking and recipes. ...more

I did not tell a ...more

My Hips and I have reached a Peace Accord

Here lately it seems my hips have my complete and total attention when I get out of bed in the morning.  They are stiff and angry and generally just not nice.  They ache and they crack and they complain.I can hear them crabbing at each other every morning.Righty "Man oh man why did she have to lift all they hay last night?" ...more