Easter Weekend

Since you might have noticed that I'm a little behind on posting, I have yet to do the obligatory Easter re-cap.  ...more

Dear Noah...

How in the world has it been 15 months already (almost 16)?  Time is flying by and you are no longer my tiny little baby ....more

Photo Love...

You guys, I have another terrible Mommy Confession to make - there is not a single picture of my second child up in our house - not a single one.My husband comments on it constantly.  I know it's terrible.Luckily he is too young to notice ....more

Dear Nathan...

Dear Nathan,I know it has been a while since I've written you a letter - ever since Christmas it seems that we have been running non-stop ....more

Friday in an Instant

Another Friday in the books!  At least the sunshine came out to greet us today, it was only for a couple of yours but something's something right?We don't have any big weekend plans.  Nathan has been off school for two weeks and goes back on Monday, which means we'll be laying low.  Luckily we've had enough excitement this week to last us until the next school vacation at the end of April ....more


How has the weather been in your area?  It's been rather schizophrenic around here - days where it is warm and sunny, others cold and rainy, and then snowy.It's made things a little rough around here, the boys spend more time indoors than out and we've all been going a little stir crazy. Last Thursday, in the middle of a snow storm, I was about to lose my mind.  The thought of another weekend locked inside was almost too much ...more

Because it isn't France without a little wine...

Every year when the mail comes in early February I get a little giddy.It's right around that time of year that our invitations for "Vinidome" arrive ....more


Friday!  I am so excited that it's almost the weekend and that it's March.  That means springtime is right around the corner, at least I hope so.  This winter has been slowly killing me.  I don't mind cozy snowy days, but lately it's only by rain, sleet and ice - not fun.To start the weekend on the right foot, I wanted to share some of my instagram pics from this past week ....more

Noah's Big Day

I hardly ever talk about religion on my blog.  It's not that it isn't important to me but religion to me is a very personal and private thing ....more


I disappeared again.  I would make up more excuses about how life gets in the way, the kids being sick, and all of that - but the truth is that I've been uninspired.Not that I don't have anything to say, I am hardly ever at a loss for words, but I just haven't felt like sitting down and writing.I love to write. I feel like my life isn't complete if I am not writing something.  I used to love when ...more